The Fun Horse Show – Part 1

So I am sure I am not the only person in the world who drives by a barn on the way to work. Being the good online horse person I am, I always check out websites to barns I think are interesting. How could I not look up a barn with a pink and purple sign and a matching house? I bet most of you would have also! That was when I found out that they have fun shows! They actually called it a fun show! Add that to the fact that this farm is literally less than 3 miles from where Phoenix lives and I knew I had to go!

I took one look at the prize list and got super excited. Why? Because they had a trail class!!!! I was so signing up for that! They also had an unmounted trail class, which I have never done but was going to give it a try anyway. I figured that there was no way I could hang in an eq class so that meant the only other classes I could do were the pleasure classes. That was plenty good enough for me. I called my trainer and told her that she needed to bring her niece to the show. The poor thing is only 8 years old and is taking riding WAY too serisouly these days. She needed a fun show just as much as I did!

The weather was going to be perfect for the show, low 70s and partly cloudy. I decided the night before that I was going sans jacket and just going to wear a polo shirt instead. To make up for that I figured I better braid my Fat Spotted Pony. Since the show did not start until 1 and there was an inhand class before trail I figured getting to the barn at 10am would be tons of time to bath and braid. Being able to sleep in makes any show a good show so by the time I got to the barn I was already in a crazy good mood. Even Phoenix, who was not loving all the traveling we have been doing as of late, seemed in better spirits.

After cleaning him up and getting my trailer I was running early, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to get to the show ahead of scheduale right? My trainer called to say she was on her way with the pony…and her horse. My trainer has been having a hard time getting back into riding since having her baby. She thought that a fun show would be the perfect thing for her to get her mojo back. I told her over the phone that I could not agree more. By the time I dove all 8 minutes down the road I was over the moon excited. This was going to be just like old times.

I pulled into the driveway of the farm and started heading down a clearly marked path for trailer parking. They even had someones husband out there smiling and making sure we could follow the signs. I feel in love with this little horse show right then and there. As I turned into the field for parking I noticed two things, the first of which was the fact that there were WAY more people there then expected. The second thing I noticed was that they had only mowed half the field and not a lot of spots were left.

I surveyed my options and decided that a pull through spot on the end was the best way to go. My only problem was to get to the pull through I needed to drive over the unmowed part of the field. That might not be a big deal for most people, but my little truck is not 4 wheel drive (I learned my lesson. 4 wheel drive next time). I started to go on the unmowed part and my little truck kept going. I took a deep breath and smiled. My little truck was going to make it!

It was right as my stupid grin hit my face that I started to turn…and my truck started to slip. Yikes! My tires were spinning and I wasn’t going anywhere! I, as I think most people would, dropped a few choice curse words and looked around to see who had spotted me. Unfortunately, because the show had just started and everyone was clustered in the same area the answer to that question was EVERYONE was watching me. I turned beet red and threw the truck in reverse. Luckily the truck did go backwards so I backed up and took a deep breath before I put it in drive again.

As I started to go forward my truck started to slip AGAIN. I could have died on the spot. Here I was at a show I have never been to and I was stuck and making a scene!

To Be Continued…

5 thoughts on “The Fun Horse Show – Part 1

  1. I drive a big honkin’ 4WD Ford F350 and if the mud is bad enough in the spring, I can get stuck, because unlike the guys, I don’t want to nail it and leave trenches…

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