Happy 4th of July!

I know I have been terrible about posting lately. I have a horse to tell you all about, some big life news to tell you about, and an official review of Gen’s crazy fly mask! With all that waiting to be written about it seemed sill to do a photo post. I had to though. Gen is the most American loving Mexican General I know ;)

Gen and I wish all of you a safe and happy 4th of July!



So Gen has been 23 for nearly 6 months, but today is his actual birthday :) 23 years ago today the coolest horse in the world was born! I love this horse so much! 

Today is one of the two days a year that I do not worry about grooming him. He gets to stay filthy all day. His birthday treat is getting to hand graze anywhere on the farm he wants. I just follow him around as he indulges.  This year he has chosen to start his grass buffet just on the other side of his fence.

Happy 23rd birthday to the best horse ever!!


So my Gen is a very sensitive horse. He always has been. If he didn’t like the way a blanket fit, he would just destroy it and rip it apart. If he didn’t like the way a Saddle fit he would simply buck and try and Break free from the cross ties and run away and roll until it came off. Gen goes there about four leather halters a year. He is just that kind of horse. Are worst season is summer. And one of the reasons for that is fly masks. I have had Gen for 10 years now, and I have yet to find a fly mask that fits him well.

That doesn’t mean I don’t try. I go through several a summer and often just use something that is good enough because I know that no matter what it is still better for him than to get eaten by bugs because he is such a baby about flies. This year I think I may have found something though. Check out this Roma fly mask…

Sure it looks odd, but it isn’t poking him in the eye, crushing his ears or letting the bugs in and trapping them. It is huge…by design. Perfect for hiding his unicorn horn ;) when I first put it on I thought it was a no go, but after a little running around and some dramatic nudging, I realize that he just didn’t like the nose part. Gen has always been funny about stuff on his nose. Once I took that off I got a huge sigh from him and lots of licking and chewing. We may have a winner! Do you fly mask is a bit fashion forward for now, but that is okay my boy doesn’t mind being a trendsetter. 


for the third time this year, Gen has been found shivering. All winter I have kept him blanket free, but this spring there have been a few occasions where he is had to get his sheet on. Today was one of those days.

I arrived at the barn to find Gen covered in fresh mud. My first thought was “great, now I can’t brush him” my second thought was ” holy crap, Gen is actually cold”. It is very windy and in the 40s here today. Normally that is no big deal, but I think Gen is actually starting to act like a horse in his 20s. Not helped by the fact his coat can’t fluff up when there is about a quarter inch of wet mud covering it.

So I scrapped the mud off, dried my pony and put his sheet and cooler on to get him warmed up before I put him back out (with his waterproof sheet on). As you can see from the picture below Gen was not happy about this…he would much rather be nakie. At 23 though he may need to get over his hate of blankies…

Do your older horses have issues keeping warm? Or is this just a Gen thing with nothing to do with age??

Sleepy Sunday

Polar Bear Camo

It took me a bit to spot him, but can you see Gen??


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