The Fun Horse Show – Part 2

Part 1

I knew that I had to do something because clearly I was not getting into that spot. My options were to try and get in the spot I wanted with less weight or to try and back out. Considering there was about no chance of me backing down that driveway I had a brilliant idea. I would just unload Phoenix. My only problem was that while there were a good 20 people staring at me at this point, I did not know ANY of them! So me being me, and Phoenix being Phoenix I rolled down my window and asked a total stranger to hold my horse. Who does that EVER besides me? I promised he would be good. Some poor innocent stranger (who did not look like she believed me) came over to the trailer to hold him.

Sure enough my superstar 6 year old came off the trailer like a pro and let a total stranger hold him. He did not even try for grass because he new better. As this poor bystander (I don’t even know if this person has horse experience) held my boy I closed up my trailer and went to try and park again. Luckily, getting that 1,200 pounds off the trailer did the trick and I pulled through no problem just as my trainer showed up with her niece…and a full trailer.

My trainer had not only brought her niece and her pony, she brought her own horse! My trainer had dragged her 4th level warmblood to this back yard show. I could not help but laugh with excitement because I knew this was going to be TONs of fun now. A day with my trainer and a very cute 8 year old plus ponies…there was no way NOT to have fun at this point.

Since I now had my Phoenix attached to me I had to wait for them to check in so they could hold my fat spotted superstar. The check in area was right by the ring and it was filled with things that only this show could pull off. There was a giant rainbow umbrella by the food stand, a pink grass skirt like umbrella by the secretaries stand, and just pink and purple awesomeness everywhere! As I checked in the show secretary was nice as can be and just said over and over again how happy she was with the turnout and she just kept thanking me for coming. And then she saw my fat spotted supestar his head in my trainer’s sister-in-law’s lap and could not get over what a cute mush he was.

After tearing myself away from all those complements (there were lots of them!) we all had just enough time to get ready for our first class. The trail class! I think my trainer, her niece, and I all just about died when we looked at the pattern on paper. Here I was thinking this was a back yard show…how hard could the trail class be? The answer…HARD! Want to know what they thought we should be able to do?

Walk over a wooden bridge, walk to barrel 1, gallop from barrel 1 to barrel 2, immediately walk at barrel 2, walk over to a standard with a rain coat on it. Pick up the rain coat, place it in front of the saddle for at least 5 seconds. Take if off and place it back on the standard, walk over to a T made out of poles. Walk in the T and then back out. Walk over ground poles to a mail box where you have to have two front legs over a pole while you take mail out to show to the judge. Put the mail back in and then go over to a rope gate which you have to open and go through.

My trainer and I almost died laughing when we read that. I figured Phoenix and I would probably make it to the bridge and that would be about it. My trainer wasn’t even sure she would be able to get her horse in the ring, let alone through the obstacles! They called us to do the course in order, and since we had checked in last we were not going until the end.

Since this course was a bit on the elaborate side it was taking each person a good 5 minutes to complete it with no mistakes. For people who were getting stuck at an obstacle…well, let us just say that the trail class ran FOREVER!!! By the time it was my trainers turn we had all been standing around for over an hour. Seeing my trainer laugh as her upper level horse tried to get out of going over the bridge made me almost fall off laughing myself. She made him get over it and there was not a problem for the rest of the trail course. Her horse tends to be on the hot side so no one was more surprised to see her have a clean course than her!

Seeing her do so well gave her niece and I courage to try and rock it out ourselves. Right after my trailer came through the gate with a big smile on her face my number was called. Phoenix is great out on the trails. My trainer was fine in the trail class. As I sat there ready to walk in I started to psyc myself up. We were not just going to do this trail course…we were going to WIN this trail course! I took a deep breath and headed over to the bridge…

To Be Continued.