About Me

Here are the top 10 things that my blog readers wanted to know about me

Why is your blog called A horse and a half?
My blog  is called a horse and a half because when I started this blog back in 2007 I owned my own horse and was looking to half lease another. It seemed like a cute blog title and so it stuck.

Where do you live?

I like to keep my non-horsey life private so all I can tell you is that I live in America above the Mason Dixon line, below Canada, west of the Atlantic and east of the Mississippi.
What kind of horse(s) do you have?

Gen Playing in the snow 1

My only is is my Mexican General. He is an off the track Thoroughbred that I retrained for dressage. He is retired now and living the good life.

What is wrong with your horse Gennyral?

The short answer is that I don’t know. The long answer is that on March 13th of 2007 my horse Gennyral bowed his superficial digital flexor tendon playing in the field. A few weeks after the injury we noticed that instead of getting better, the swellling in his leg was getting bigger. An ultrasound confirmed that my horses tendon was not healing, and instead was disappearing. In May I took my horse to the vet hospital to get the controversial treatment of stem cells. The prognosis for my horse was not good. So much of his tendon was gone that it was not expected my horse would live to see 2008. With the help of Vet Stem Stem Cell therapy my horses leg started to heal. We had to get two rounds of stem cells but eventually my horses tendon healed.  Gen’s tendon healed so well that I have been given vet clearance to ride Gen lightly at the walk. I have yet to try getting back on my horse, but that is more because of fear than any physical reason.
Have you always ridden dressage?
No. Not at all. I have always loved dressage, but I did not start riding dressage until 2001. I went away to college and signed up for dressage lessons in addition to hunt seat lessons. I knew after my first week that I wanted to ride dressage and the rest is history!
Why don’t you like grey horses?
You can see every speak of dirt on them, they get stained whatever color the dirt is, you have to groom them twice as often as any other color to get that healthy coat shine, they have higher rates of cancer…need I go on? I do love my grey horse Gennyral though!
Do you ride at all now?


21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello OnTheBit!

    I’m currently doing research for an equestrian client of ours,
    and your site has been a great resource for me. Thanks for all the really informative content. At the moment, I’m working on a social media strategy to promote equestrianism to youth online and would love to hear your experiences with youth riders (if any).

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to get in touch and ask a couple questions. You can contact me through my email below. I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi,

    I just discovered your blog and can definitely relate to your work with Genny. I have been a horse racing enthusiast for 20 years and just bought a 6 yr. old OTTB last year and am retraining him for dressage. It’s been quite an experience so far! Would love to hear more about your experiences with Genny!


  3. Hi,
    I was researching lumps and bumps on legs and came across your posts on March 30 and 31, 2009 and found exactly what I was looking for. Ive been experimenting with getting rid of wind puffs on my 8 year old QH. Well I did a poultice last night with the prepacked poultice pads and when I took them off this morning noticed a big knot on the front of the front leg, kind of towards the inside of the leg and on the front of both back legs (except these swellings were long and thin, about 3-4 inches long). The swellings (knots) are hard also. In your blog it sounded like the same thing happened, and what I was wanting to know is, was the bump you had on your horse hard or soft and how long before it went away. Ive done cold hosing and some linament. Of course it’s a Sunday and tomorrow is Labor Day so no vets available. I would appreciate any advice.
    Thanks, Melissa

  4. Hello,My Family & I own and operate Chateau Stables,Inc over 45 yrs in NYC.As a horse owner talking to another,be very careful siding with animal extremists.If these people have their way,you will not be horseback riding,or showing horses ,as they are against animal ownership.The ”abuse” accusations” ar ejust that,with no truths behind anything they say. The few unfortunate accidents this industry has,is just that accidents,and for 136 horses working regulary having a accident is extremly rare.They use our tragedy to their gain.AS for my family,we own our own farm in Pa,where we rotate our working horses,[can be easily proven by our mangatory log books and time clock documentation].Our blacksmiths travel 300 miles round trip to shoe our horses every 6 weeks,a dental tech has been in our stable 1x a month since March.We donate our stable and ponies and horses to http://www.equestria.org ,they use our facility and animals for therapy riding.We work with ac4h horse rescue in Bernville Pa,and adopt draft and stbs for our therapy program and light carriage driving.We also retire our carriage horses to them to rehome and donate their adoption fees back to thet rescue.We rescue animals ourselves,including a blind appy mare senior that was not easy to place at a another rescue ,and she was donated to us here in NYC.Its because of my NYC Carriage horses we can donate our place and animals to a great program like Equestria,and help adopt rescue horses.Please don’t be blinded by the blinders these extremists try to use by attacking a licensed,regulated insured business.There is a much bigger scale hoovering around this industry and its not a humane issue,its a real estate issue.

  5. I have an OTTB as well and I LOVE him I have retrained him for eventing and I just love working with him! Just thought I would let you know how much I cherish the OTTB’s and what they are capable of when they are shown true love and compassion. You can visit my blog to see pics of Yankee

  6. Hi there! Just found your blog and have been looking through it – wonderful stuff! I too have a (semi) retired OTTB, and actually just recently started a blog of my own. Would love to hear more of your stories and know what you think of my efforts so far.

    Keep it up! I look forward to reading more!

  7. Hello, I wanted to ask you about riding breeches. Im a beginner English rider and wanted to see what breeches you would recommend and how I need to measure myself for breeches. I have no tack shop near me so Im going to have to order online. The just dont understand how the breech sizes work. Im a size 16 regular pants and Ive seen websites for breeches that come in Small Medium Large and X-Large. Do you have any suggestions of advice?

  8. Hi Xochitl…congrats on starting to ride! If you are a size 16 in regular pants you would most likely be an extra large in riding tights if you like them a little loose or large if you like them to be really snug. When I was a size 16 I was a size 34 in breeches if you want to get something other than tights. If you are looking at Kerrits (a brand I love) you can click here to see a size chart
    or the other brand I love is irideon and this same site has a size chart from them as well…

    I recomend ordering from Stateline Tack if you can because they tend to be cheap and offer free shipping. Good luck!

  9. Greetings!

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    Mallory Woodrow
    Digital Strategist
    Netvantage Marketing

  10. So cute. Just saw your blog linked back from another blog, and caught the name (very similar to mine).
    I have two horses and a pony (hence the name) and thought it was cute because of two and a half men.

  11. Hi I love your blog its very interesting!! and i love your horses! i wish I had a horse! anyways I have a blog called horsetipz.wordpress.com. I think it could be a very could blog if i got some viewers and people asking me questions. It would be amazing if you could do a post about my blog and tell people to ask me horse questions or to just check it out

  12. Just found your blog. Been working on my OTTB and doing dressage. Just recently his ankle started clicking (hind right) then swelling then lameness. Then, lameness went away, then the swelling and now we are left with this god awful clicking at the walk. Had x rays done, the vet found Nothing. I hate how difficult it is medically to fix and understand horses.

  13. I know some very quick ponies for example , but Thoroughbreds are the strain to wager on in a horse race. I’ve been privileged to be trained by such excellent customer horses- from rescue horses to expensive performance horses, from babies to geriatrics; everyone has something to gain, and something to give. Let us begin by agreeing that none of us are going to be Olympic rivals with our present horses. If that changes, so much the better.

    • So I have no idea how to check and see how many followers I have, but I feel very confident I have no where near 200! That is very kind of you to think of me for the Liebster award 🙂

      • I’ve been enjoying reading your posts 🙂 It might take me a day or so two to get round to formally putting together my post to officially award it, but I will do it soon.

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