2012 Goals

1) Be independent and go to a show on my own.
              -Goal Completed April 21st 🙂
2) Show in something else besides dressage.
              – Goal Completed June 23rd
3) Ride in a hunter pace
4) Train Gen to be led without a halter
5) Teach Lucky how to self load in a trailer.
             – Completed in April with the help of Dom
6) Do 10 things this summer.
          1) Dressage Schooling Show April 21st
          2) Dressage Schooling Show May 12th
          3) Thursday Night Dressage May 24th
          4) Dressage Schooling Show June 2nd
          5) Thursday Night Dressage June 7th
          6) Fun Show June 23rd
          7) Dressage Schooling Show July 7th
          8) Dressage Schooling Show August 4th
7) Go to 5 different show grounds.
                 1) DC
                 2) Local Show Grounds
                 3) Fun Show Grounds
4) TM Show Grounds
8) Qualify for year end awards from…
a)Local Show Grounds  Completed 6/7
b)Fun Show
                 c) TM Show Grounds – Completed 8/4
                 d) EC Dressage GMO – Completed 8/4

9) Qualify for the Local Show Grounds Championship show

                 – Completed May 24th
10) Do an open training level class.

4 thoughts on “2012 Goals

  1. Your list of 2011 goals sounds very worthwhile and do-able. I especially like your #’s 8, 9 & 10.
    I suppose the top of my list would be to get a load of sand dumped in my arena (which consists of a flat spot in the pasture.)
    Thanks for the “Stylin” award, but I haven’t yet passed it on.
    Love your photos too!

  2. For goal #10- I tried Ranch riding last year- Reining, trail and cow work. Tons of fun! Reining and dressage are very similar, and cow work- lets just say I now know why western saddles have horns! I was awful, but I stayed on! If you have the opportunity to borrow a ranch horse and try it, I would highly reccomend it.

  3. hey if your into the more fun side consider planning a “navagation ride” as a fundraiser for your club…. my local club has been doing this for 15 years and its super popular…. marked trail (10 -20 km long) with approx 20 “clues” or things to keep an eye out for on the track plus a few general questions just to mix it up, horsey or otherwise…… plus a drinks stop… prizes are awarded on points and an optimum time (someone pre rides the course and whatever they complete in + 10 mins for drinks stop and 10 mins for clues (writing searching etc) is the “optimum time” (which is not disclosed.. reduces hooning etc hopefully so everyone has a fun time) 10 points are awarded for each correct clue BUT points are deducted for every minute over or under the optimum time……. we have senior and junior individuals junior pairs and pairs any age categories.. its fun social and unlike any other show….
    Tasmania Australia

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