Dressage Show Goals

1) Win a cooler.
2) Ride a victory gallop. Completed in 2008 on X at ES Championships
3) Get all of my GMO bronze medals.
a. DVHA Bronze Medal
b. EC Bronze Medal
c. ES Bronze Medal
d. ECS Bronze Medal
4) Compete at an overnight at a show
5) Get my USDF Rider Certificate at every level I will ever compete at.
a. Training
b. First
c. Second
d. Third
6) Show a musical freestyle
7) Qualify for a year end award from at least one of my GMO’s for every year for 5 years in a row
a. 2007 – Achivement Award with Genny at Training Level from ES
b. 2008 – 6th place starter w/t/c with X from ES
c. 2009
d. 2010
e. 2011
8) Earn all 3 GMO Silver Medals
b. EC
c. ES
9) Qualify for a GAIG championship
10) Compete at a GAIG championship
11) Qualify for the BLM championship
12) Compete at a BLM championship
13) Earn the UDSF Bronze Bar
14) Get my USDF Bronze Medal so I can die happy!!!!


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