Guenter Seidel Fractures Pelvis in Riding Accident

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Written by Astrid Appels

U.S Olympic team rider Guenter Seidel got injured in a riding accident this morning at Klaus Balkenhol’s stable in Rosendahl, Germany. The American WEG team contender was thrown off a very fresh UII and fractured his pelvis. He successfully underwent surgery in the Munster University Hospital and will make a full recovery. Seidel arrived in Germany yesterday and was ready for his first ride on Dick and Jane Brown’s UII, a 9-year old Dutch warmblood gelding by Jazz x Rohdiamant. The liver chestnut was very frisky and started bucking incessantly until Seidel, who was wearing a helmet, was launched from the saddle and crashed on the ground.
An ambulance was immediately called to the scene and Seidel was transported to the local hospital. Several MRI and CT scans were made and a broken pelvis was the diagnosis.

Guenter was then transported to the University Clinic in Münster where a specialized team of trauma surgeons, including Dr. Martin Langer and Dr. Michael Raschke, operated on him. The surgery was successful and though it will take time to heal Seidel will make a full recovery. Guenter, who is getting pain relief, is conscious and speaking.

The 49-year old German born Seidel joined several American WEG squad riders in training and showing in Europe to gain more exposure to judging panels and top level competition. Seidel had scheduled to compete at the CDI Fritzens and CDIO Aachen leading up the U.S. WEG selection trials in Gladstone, NJ, in August. Unfortunately, this accident is a major set back for Seidel who will be unable to ride the team selection trials.


Poor Guenter!

I cannot even imagine the size and number of bucks it took to actually get him off! UII is not just some horse that Guenter decided to get on…He is one of Guenter’s horses in training. I am just glad that at the end of it all he will be okay. And please take note that he was wearing a helmet. Even if he was just doing it because he knew UII would be hot at least he had one on. I am bummed that he is out of WEGs because the American team needed him, but I am glad that he will make a full recovery.