Really Gennyral? Really?

See that? Know what that is? Well, neither do I! I got to the barn yesterday and found this giant bump (see picture above) on his side!

I know that Gen has been missing all the blog attention, but really…did he have to create some bump of unknown origin? I promised him I had some posts planned about him already. I really didn’t need this extra bit of inspiration.

So here is what we know about the bump. It was first noticed by the barn owner on Sunday night. At that time it was about the size of a silver dollar. I had seen Gen early in the afternoon and he was totally fine. Thinking that his sensitive self was just reacting to a bug bite she didn’t give it a whole lot of thought.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I get Gen on the cross ties and there it is. A giant bump on his side. It is about half an inch deep, 3 inches wide and it went 8 inches down. I, of course, PANIC!!!! I have never seen anything like this. And I have been around horses a long time.

My first thought, was the same as my blogs facebook fans, a bug bite. Sounds good right? Except that there was no puncture marks or raised spots on the bump. In fact, there was no marks or any signs of tell tale anything on the bump. It was not hard nor was it gushy. It was not abnormally hot, or cold. In fact, it felt like Gen’s normal self…it was just half an inch off of the rest of his skin. He didn’t care one way of the other if I touched it. I was (and still am) at a loss.

I decided that just to make myself feel better I would cold hose it for 10 minutes and give my boy an alcohol bath. That way if it was topical it would at least lessen, if not go away. Because I am me I also called my vet and left him a message to see what he thinks.

I think that Gennyral stood around after I left on Sunday and wished for something obvious to appear (this is the horse who used to cut his face for attention after all). I am not that worried about it. Whatever it really is, I know it is not anything serious. Gen is acting totally fine and has no other symptoms. In fact, Gen doesn’t really have any symptoms sans a giant raised area on his side.

Because I am me I am going to drop by the barn on my way to work. If the bump is still there I will have the vet out. If it has gone away then I will just chalk this up to a mysterious bug bite. I will post on the facebook site what I find.

And Don’t worry Gen, I promise to blog about you a lot more! You just need to knock stuff like this off!

"Must. Get. More. Attention. LOOK AT ME!!!!!"

"Must. Get. More. Attention. LOOK AT ME!!!!!"