The June 23rd Fun Show – Part 1

So Lucky and I have been working hard, which is one of the reasons that I was so excited to go to the fun show on Saturday. They have In Hand classes, Trail, Pleasure and Equitation. I had been really bummed about missing the first fun show of the season due to wet weather, but with record heat and no rain for the whole week before the show I knew I wouldn’t have that problem this time around.

For some reason I had a mental black about getting ready for this show. I just kept putting off things like cleaning my boots or getting my show clothes together. It was almost like I didn’t think the show was really going to happen. By the time Friday morning rolled around I had done 0 prep and was starting to feel stressed. By the time I left work on Friday I was close to panic.

We had a lovely ride and after a bath I got down to the business of braiding. I decided that since we had a showmanship class I would do hunter sized braids which meant I ended up braiding for almost 2 hours and put 28 braids into Lucky’s hair. I put on her Sleezy and turned her back out before I started to get the stuff for the show ready. I didn’t leave the barn until late trying to locate my black lead with a chain and other things I would need for the following day. By the time I got home and realized that all my white and beige britches were dirty I was so tired I just figured I would find something in the morning.

The day of the show dawned clear and about 10 degrees cooler than it had been the day before. I decided to show in black britches so I had something to wear, put the rest of the stuff in the truck and headed out to pick up a sandwich on my way to the barn. After I got the trailer and said hello to Gen I hurried to the truck. I was super excited about the show and just wanted to get there.

To Be Continued…


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