The June 23rd Fun Show – Part 2

When I got to Lucky’s I found my sparkling horse was not so shinny anymore. She had rolled in the little bit of mud that was around so I set to work fixing her braids (which were now standing straight up) and giving her another bath. I was running a little late by the time I put her on the trailer (she walked right on like a pro) but I would still get to the show in plenty of time not to worry about anything.

My jaw dropped when I pulled up to the show grounds. I am used to the shows being small, maybe 8-12 in a class. What I saw as I turned into the driveway was over a dozen trailers already there, with over an hour before show time still to go! I tried not to psyc myself out and just went about registering. As more and more people arrived I was tempted to just turn around and go home. It was going to be in the high 80s and I was not a hot weather person. With so many people there I knew the show was going to be a long one.

When they called for the first class of the day to start I looked around and saw more and more people getting to the ring. The showmanship class had more than 16 people in it. The ring at this show is not set up for that, with so many horses in the ring we couldn’t even line up. I was early in the order of go and so I proudly showed off my Lucky. When I got to the judge for inspection the judge got mad at me. Apparently I didn’t do the patter correctly. I looked dumbfounded as she went on to say that no one did the pattern correctly. The pattern she was looking for was different than the one shown, but I just apologized and tried to find my way back in line. Two more people went when the judge stopped the class. She talked to the show manager and decided that we should start the class over with since no one was doing the pattern she wanted to see.

Lucky was being a total super star at that point and just chilling calmly next to me (Did I mention we had a break through about showing) so I could really pay attention as the judge spoke. We lined up again and started the class over. When it was my turn I smiled big and did my best. Our 360 degree turn was terrible, but the rest of the pattern went well. It took a while for the rest of the class to go, but I kept a smile on my face and Lucky square as she snoozed beside me. When the judge asked us to turn and show her our numbers I was hopeful that we would place, but there had been other great round there so I wasn’t holding my breath.

Imagine my surprise when they called the placing and Lucky and I got 3rd place!!!!!! 3rd! Out of a ton of horses. I was thrilled with the result, especially since I have shown under this judge before and not placed. I had a huge smile on my face as I went to collect Lucky’s ribbon and get ready for the halter class.

To Be Continued…


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