Video’s From June 2nd…

So I have finally given up on the idea that I will ever post on this show, which is a shame because Lucky and I had a total break through! I figured out how to work with her at a show. We tried it again at a show 5 days later and I think that I really figured some stuff out. Sorry that there is no 6,000+ word multi day write up, but with another show coming up on Saturday and the show from the 7th still to write up I know that I just won’t have time to do this show justice. So while we are not where we need to be yet, I want to show you all progress! There is hope for Lucky and I yet 🙂

I mean, check out those floppy ears in the second test! Now if I could only get my damn hands under control…


6 thoughts on “Video’s From June 2nd…

  1. I agree with your assessment that you are making breakthroughs. Lucky is steadier in the contact during the second video and the ending halt was very nice. Around the 2.25 minute mark, same video, when she passes by the videographer is another nice moment. Obviously she is enjoying her job. Keep up the good work!

  2. I hate it when plans go like that! I am considering volunteering at a three day event in Sept.Camping is free to volunteers, but I don’t want to camp!

  3. Looks great. You have to tell us what you changed (so we can learn from your success) and we need to know your scores!!!!

  4. I love her trot. It looks so floaty and light! I haven’t ridden in a long time, but when I did, the only way I learned to get my hands steady was to do a lot of riding on the lunge line with my reins tied up. When I finally got really steady in my seat, I was able to keep my hands still. You really look terrific!

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