Courtney King-Dye Update

Courtney’s Husband, Jason Dye has just posted a message on her website. Nothing new or exciting on the recovery front, but he did mention that he wants to read all of our well wishes to her so there is a new e-mail address to sent thoughts and prayers to. He also listed a different address to send cards to.

Courtney Dye
2442 Muir Circle
Wellington, FL 33414

To read the whole letter go to…

2 thoughts on “Courtney King-Dye Update

  1. From my favorite soap box:

    People used to ask me why I wore a helmet for dressage. I would say ” I haven’t been riding dressage long enough for my head to get hard.”

    I have heard others say “If you think your hair is more important then your brain, you are probably right.”

    Comming out of the coma doesn’t mean it’s clear sailing.

    Pray for Courtney and her family. Wear a helmet for yourself and your family.

  2. Dearest Courtney, you are a strong lady. I have such respect for you. Although I lost my horse years ago and my health is poor, the moment my husband sits me up so I can watch you and the darling you’re riding on youtube it takes me back to happier times. Your riding takes our breath away! I was more than shocked, devestated was how I felt. You have come so far, keep it up dear heart, you’ll show them! You are a strong and beautiful young lady and I see so many more wonderful things in your future. You have such great heart and a family that loves you…..I also wish your family the very, very best……Bless your dear, sweet heart.
    With love,
    Judith Jaehn
    1868 Lavala Lane
    El Cajon, Calif

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