Horse Craft Idea 1 – Make Your Own Ribbon Rack – Part 1

Sorry for any confusion I caused but I am not expecting the new trimmer out until Sat. It is hard to be clear thinking before 6am! Sorry! I was worried about not having enough time to ride today because I am going out with friends and wasn’t sure if I would have time to ride after work. The weather took care of that though because everything is icy around here so I can’t imagine the ring is ridable. I will try to ride tomorrow though when hopefully everything will have melted! So instead of boring you all with yet another post about how adorable my pony is (I love my horse so much) I thought I would share a craft project with you all since I know I am not the only person who is not sure if riding will happen this weekend because of weather. So here is one of my fun craft projects that I did a few weeks ago that is a fun thing to do on a weekend when riding is a no go…

Gennyral's Ribbons

Gennyral's Ribbons

As you all know I LOVE to show. I am a total ribbon junkie. As soon as I know there are less than 6 people in a class I get all relaxed and happy. I don’t care if I come in last as long as a ribbon accompanies it 😛 Well Gennyral’s career ending injury was obviously not planned. We had just finished up our very first show season and were starting our second by doing winter shows (fun fact about that…Lori was the show organizer for them). In fact, Genny hurt himself a week before a show so I lost my entry money for it. Anyway, I had a string up for Gennyral’s ribbons. A LONG string because I had expectations that Genny was going to take me through the levels. So after 2 years of looking at his ribbons and seeing empty string that was never going to be filled on each side of the ribbons I decided it was time to let go of the fact that my horse can’t be ridden and move on. So I decided to make a ribbon rack. I saw a cute one in SmartPak, but is was over $100…for a freaking ribbon rack. That was just so not going to happen. So I went to my local home improvement store and picked up 2 pieces of wood, some paint, brushes, a sander and some screws for about $25. I figured that I can be handy and make my own. And I am going to show you all how to do it as well.

Horse Craft Idea 1

Supply List:

1) A long, thin piece of moulding. It will be cut in half so make sure you get it twice as long as you want your ribbon rack to be. I found one that was 6 feet long.
2) A long, rectangular piece of wood. This piece should be square on the short sides and long enough to cut into 3 equal 8 inch pieces. I was able to find this piece of wood in the moulding section also.
3) A saw to cut the wood. Luckily I had access to a round saw so the few cuts that were made only took a matter of minutes.
4) Sand paper. No one likes rough edges.
5) White paint. I got the smallest can of high gloss paint I could find and even then I only used about half of it…with 3 coats of paint.
6) Black paint or Black lettering. You will see why at the end.
7) Paint brushes. 1 inch or smaller is all you will need.
8) Small bunch of fake flowers you can buy from any craft store.
9) Hot Glue Gun.
10) Screws. The should be long enough to go through the thin wood and the square wood when put together. You will need 6 total. Make sure they are not too long though, you should not be able to go all the way through so that the nail comes out on the other side.

First – The first thing you need to do is cut the wood. Take the long, thin piece of wood and cut it into two equal pieces. Then take the “square” piece of wood and cut it into 3 equally sized pieces 8 inch pieces. So now you will have 5 pieces of wood. You should sand down any rough edges and make sure all 5 pieces of wood are nice and smooth.

Second – It is time to mark everything. Measured everything very carefully because once it is put together that is it. You can’t take holes out. Measure the long, thin wood and figure out where the exact middle is. From the middle measure out and make a mark equal distance from the center. Now you will have 3 pencil marks on your long piece of wood. Do it again for the 2nd piece of that wood. Then measure your 3 8 inch pieces. You are going to make 2 marks on each of these. Make the first make 2.5 inches from the bottom and the second 5 inches from the bottom. There will be 3 inches left unmarked up top. Now it is time to put it all together.

Third – Putting it together. If you have done steps one and two correctly this should be a very easy step. Just line up the dots. Fun tip if any of you are going to try to do this at home, make sure you drill a very small hole into the wood before you screw the pieces together. This will stop the very thin wood from cracking. So take an electric drill and get the smallest bit and drill the holes first. Then change the bit, get your screws and put the screws into the wholes.

Horsey Craft 1 - 3

So this is what you end up with when you put it all together. Looks like a fence right? Well it sort of is. Come back tomorrow to see the finished product. Anyone out there know what this ribbon rack is supposed to look like yet?

Horse Craft Idea 1 - 2

And by the way, when I say that I used power tools I mean that my wonderful father used power tools. Thanks Dad! He saw me go for the saw and started to worry, and probably rightly so, that I would take a finger off. And the poor guy also had to put the thing together after I sanded and measured because he thought I was going to break another one of his drills. It only happened once I swear! Minus a little assistance I did make this myself. It was a fun weekend project for the cold weather when nothing else was going on anyway.

7 thoughts on “Horse Craft Idea 1 – Make Your Own Ribbon Rack – Part 1

  1. Ok, this is about the greatest thing ever! I sure hope it’s not a long series because I want to see the finished product. Oh, and I’m totally writing a post and linking to your articles when you are finished.

    I wonder if Ben would mind if I made one of these to put up in our office/2nd bedroom. I do let him have an entire wall to hang Steelers stuff, after all…

  2. This is a great idea if you are showing or just want to show off past ribbons. We used to just hang ’em on the stall door, outside the tent or on the trailer until the next show. Thanks for reminding me there are boxes of ribbons down the basement with an equal number of boxes containing all those cheap prizes/trophies that come with the ribbons. Now, I should go locate them and bring them over to my daughter’s and let her deal with them, maybe she can make your ribbon rack.

  3. I need one of these for my ribbons! I have them on top of the mirror of my dresser right now. My husband thinks I am crazy… but I don’t care! I would love to have one of these racks! You should make them and sell them for extra show money. Some shows let you have items for sale. I have seen monogrammers make a killing at shows! If you make them reasonably priced, people will scoop them up and you will have your show season paid for… and maybe even your membership fees! 🙂 You should ask your local show organizers! Go make some money! I would aslo make matching whip holders and bridle racks. I am headed to Lowes tonight to get the stuff to make a few of these. I am so excited!!! I will post a picture of it on my site with my pony’s ribbons. I am trying to figure out a way to put a picture of my pony on the rack…

  4. Jackie – You will see the finished product tomorrow…it was a really easy project! And your hubby better make you one and put it up…it looks REALLY nice when it is done!

    GHM – ribbons in a box! Your killing me!!!

    Sue – Who cares if your hubby things you are crazy! Ribbons are important!! And I wouldn’t want to sell them because that would take the fun out of it! You will LOVE the finished product…trust me!

  5. OMG I NEED one! I think you and I are the resident ribbon ho’s. LOL! 😉 I am excited to read the entire series.

    Now the only problem….is that GREEN GRASS in the pic with your dad???? And this was only a few weeks ago??????? We have three feet of snow pack here in Maine! I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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