Happy 25th Birthday Mexican Gennyral!

My sweet Gen is 25 years old today!! To celebrate, I am going to the barn after work and stuffing his face full of treats and giving him a day full of scratchies with no brush in sight. That is right, Gen only gets 2 days a year that I can guarantee not to brush him…both his birthdays!

Even at 25, my Gen is still a character! I tried to take the annual birthday portrait and he below are the results…

“Mom, I am too tired to look cute”

“I need to take a nap”

“How about I look cute and I sleep”

“Why are you yelling at me Mom, I was just kidding”

“How about I just look cute enough and we call it a day?”

Sigh, even when he is being cheeky he is still a handsome guy!


6 thoughts on “Happy 25th Birthday Mexican Gennyral!

  1. Happy birthday, Genny!!! It is a true testament to your meticulous care that he is celebrating his 25th birthday! (Fun side note: Today my oldest son turns 13, Snappy turns 17, and Dreamy turns 26. How’s that for having a child and both horses (and YOUR HORSE TOO!) born ON THE SAME DAY! Yay for May 23!)

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