Equestrian Touches at My Destination Wedding

Why this post today? Because today is my 6 month wedding anniversary 🙂

My husband proposed to me at the barn in June of 2015, making sure that my sweet Gen was a part of the ask, he knows Gen is so important to me. I never really grew up fantasizing about being a bride, but as soon as I realized the wedding was coming I couldn’t help but fantasize about riding down the aisle on a beautiful Friesian and my guests all arriving via carriage. It didn’t take long to realize that I was being selfish (and assuming I would win the lottery). My husband is still a little nervous around horses (although I am proud to say he was actually the one to held Gen at his last hoof trim since I was stuck at work) so a day filled with horses would be a wedding all about me, cause my groom lots of stress, and it would change our wedding day into something that wasn’t about us.

I started to think about what both my husband and I love, and travel was the first thing that came to time. With the average cost of a wedding in my area being $58,000 (no, I am sadly not kidding, you can actually look up average wedding cost by zip code), we decided that a destination wedding was the way to go. We knew we wanted a modest wedding with a budget to match that, so why not have an excuse to go on vacation as well? We had many false starts about where it would be (Alaska, Georgia, Montana, Texas, and a few others I can’t even remember) but over a weekend getaway over that summer, we fell in love with the “Oldest City in America” and decided to tie the knot in St. Augustine, Florida. This is a horse blog, so I will not bore you with details of the wedding or the lead up to it. I will just say that I married the love of my life and had a great time doing it.

Below is how I included a little horsiness to my wedding day:

One of the best wedding purchases that I made was to buy a bunch of custom ribbons. Everyone knows I am obsessed with ribbons, so I loved getting to custom order them for the big day. I decided to do 4 different kinds of ribbons, one tri-color and then some of each of the three colors of my wedding. We used them on the backs of the chairs at the ceremony and reception site to add a little decoration and color to the day. My bridesmaids and I also snagged some for photos and most of the guests took a ribbon home with them as a reminder of our wedding. The ribbons were a little over $5 a piece since I had such a small quantity, but they were a great way to get the horsey in my wedding while still being light and easily portable.

I also found a light and easily portable way to get Gen to my wedding…by getting a custom painted Breyer done (thank you ETSY) to look just like him. I also had name plates for each guest (ETSY again) and got extra done for Gen and the cats so they would be a part of our wedding day even though they were all at home. I think decorating our cake table with things we loved helped to distract from the fact that most of my wedding cake was dropped on delivery so they had to take from other cakes they were delivering and redecorate it on site 😉 The name plates were not super expensive, but the custom painted Breyer was a splurge. I still have it on display at home though so it was a good excuse to turn Gen into a model horse.

The horsey thing that I think ended up being everyones favorite was the terrariums. My bridesmaids are very kind people and helped me create these little worlds in a jar. The hardest part was getting our fingers covered in super glue when attaching the pins to the scenery. Since they would be traveling thousands of miles down to the wedding, we wanted to make sure they were secure. The fun thing about terrariums is that you can buy similar decorations and have them all turn out completely different. I ended up having 6 wonderful mini worlds with horses, air planes, farms, churches, etc. Depending on where your destination wedding is, you can just bring the miniatures with you and get the moss and jars from wherever you get married and then bring it home as a keepsake to treasure forever.

Overall, I was very happy with the level of horse at my destination wedding. Horses are such a big part of my life I wanted them to be a part of my wedding day, but they are not my whole life so I wanted to just have some horsey touches along the way. For a couple hundred dollars total I was able to get four different ways to show my love of horses  that traveled well and hopefully enhanced my wedding day. Below are just a few pictures showing my equestrian touches, if you want more, just tell me, I am a totally ham about my wedding day!


3 thoughts on “Equestrian Touches at My Destination Wedding

  1. St. Augustine is just gorgeous! I went on a short vaca there 2 years ago and loved it. What a perfect place to get married!

  2. I love St. Augustine! It’s a beautiful place with so much history. Love all your wedding photos and would love to see more so feel free to post them. Such great ideas you had and wonderful memories for everyone with great gifts. Very unique. Happy Anniversary! and I wish you many years of happiness.

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