Yet another reason to love Weather Tech

So even though I am not riding much, I still don’t watch a whole lot of TV. I think years of getting back from the barn late and then just eating dinner and going right to bed have helped me to not make time for television. I watch, maybe an hour night, if even that much. Even on the weekends, I just don’t turn it on much. I like quiet, so I am not one of those people who just has it on in the background. 

Even though I do not watch a lot of TV, I still have DVR (my brother is a big wig for a major TV provider) and so if you think I watch very little TV, I barely watch any commercials. 

Imagine my surprise this week when I was sitting on the couch, fast forwarding through commercials when out of no where I see a horse. Of course I had to stop because…there was a horse on TV and wouldn’t every horse person want to see what was up? I went back to the start of the commercial and had a HUGE grin on my face.

WeatherTech, a company I already love and whose products I use, has made a commercial featuring a horse person! See below!

How great is that?!?! I do not recognize the rider, but they are very attractive. I just love that they made a commercial that features horses! Even more is that they run it during normal TV shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Rolex and Jaguar horse commercials that run during their sponsored events, but this was different. I can’t remember what I was watching, but I know it had nothing to do with a riding, a horse show nor was it on a horse channel. It was so cool to just have a horse as a part of everyday life. I hope more companies run commercials like that! 


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