NBC Equestrian Olympic Commentators

So as I sit here after watching the Olympic coverage for the dressage individual medals I am having the same issues with the coverage that I had back in 2012…the terrible commentators.

Is anyone else finding this painful? I took to muting the sound yesterday during the individual show jumping qualifying, but with it being freestyles today for Dressage, I felt like the sound needed to be on. I found them a bit annoying during the eventing cross country, but by the time the jumping rounds were done the day after I was already hoping they might change up the commentators since they clearly don’t get along.

I am Olympic obsessed and have watched every televised moment of the equestrian events (I can’t live stream at work unlike some of you :P) and the chemistry between Melanie Smith-Tayor and Randy Moss has gone from strained to hostile. Over the likely 12+ hours that I have heard them together I am now convinced that Melanie Smith-Taylor is out of touch and is convinced that Randy Moss is stupid. Randy Moss could potentially not be that bright, but as a viewer I don’t think that I should know that. I appreciate them trying to change the line up from the 2012 Olympics, but this combo is clearly not a win so maybe NBC should try and switch out both commentators next time.

Does anyone know how the commentators are selected? I like the idea of a novice with a pro, but maybe a pro who is more active in the horse world would be a good place to start. I just feel like there are so many riders out there who are funny, charming and clearly show a passion for equestrian sport. I don’t mean to sound harsh about Smith-Taylor, she apparently still gives clinics and wrote a book, but she just doesn’t sound like someone who loves horses when you listen to her.

The Olympics is the top of equestrian sport, commentary shouldn’t be a “name that tune” during dressage with the same three facts about every rider being repeated over and over again for every day of competition. 

If you need help NBC just let me know, I’m confident I could find you a top rider who won’t talk over your other announcer and who can talk about more then just the age of the horse or rider. Even my non-horsey hubby started laughing listening to them today, his exact words were “are these the best commontators they could find?”

Sadly, I think the answer is yes for the 2016 Olympics. 


7 thoughts on “NBC Equestrian Olympic Commentators

  1. Yeah, I’m basically only watching the actual televised coverage when I’m bored. The live stream is hosted by a couple of very well-versed Brits, and they are so much better.

  2. I absolutely agree. PAINFUL. It was SO BAD, I had to fast forward through (I had recorded the USA network’s program). “Name that tune”? And yes…. Melanie is out of touch with current dressage. The whole thing was so sad. Live stream on NBCOlympics.com has had excellent commentary. Very educational to the dressage enthusiast. The USA network’s program was catered to “other” sport fans who know nothing about horses.

  3. All the livestreams are available on demand, so even I can’t watch live, I’ve watched it later in the day. Live stream commentators are great, even if they are rooting for Great Britain and Ireland. I haven’t watched any of the TV coverage, but have also heard how bad the commentating is.

  4. I am finally finding the time to watch the Olympic equestrian events I recorded on my DVR. I am apalled by the terrible equestrian eventing announcers at NBC and just had to check on the Internet to see if there has been any buzz about this. That’s how i found your blog. I could not agree with you more! The only thing I would add is, doesn’t it sound like Randy Moss is in the midst of either a heart attack or a panic attack? He sounds like he can’t get enough air and is constantly sighing. It is so irritating and distracting! Anyway, just wanted to acknowledge your blog and let you know that you are not alone with your observations and feelings!

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