Gen’s new fly mask

So my Gen is a very sensitive horse. He always has been. If he didn’t like the way a blanket fit, he would just destroy it and rip it apart. If he didn’t like the way a Saddle fit he would simply buck and try and Break free from the cross ties and run away and roll until it came off. Gen goes there about four leather halters a year. He is just that kind of horse. Are worst season is summer. And one of the reasons for that is fly masks. I have had Gen for 10 years now, and I have yet to find a fly mask that fits him well.

That doesn’t mean I don’t try. I go through several a summer and often just use something that is good enough because I know that no matter what it is still better for him than to get eaten by bugs because he is such a baby about flies. This year I think I may have found something though. Check out this Roma fly mask…

Sure it looks odd, but it isn’t poking him in the eye, crushing his ears or letting the bugs in and trapping them. It is huge…by design. Perfect for hiding his unicorn horn 😉 when I first put it on I thought it was a no go, but after a little running around and some dramatic nudging, I realize that he just didn’t like the nose part. Gen has always been funny about stuff on his nose. Once I took that off I got a huge sigh from him and lots of licking and chewing. We may have a winner! Do you fly mask is a bit fashion forward for now, but that is okay my boy doesn’t mind being a trendsetter. 



3 thoughts on “Gen’s new fly mask

  1. We swear by this particular mask. I think they’re fabulous. They’re also reasonably hard wearing, although due to the attention of his pasture companions teeth, I need to buy a replacement soon!

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