Gen is starting to show his age…

for the third time this year, Gen has been found shivering. All winter I have kept him blanket free, but this spring there have been a few occasions where he is had to get his sheet on. Today was one of those days.

I arrived at the barn to find Gen covered in fresh mud. My first thought was “great, now I can’t brush him” my second thought was ” holy crap, Gen is actually cold”. It is very windy and in the 40s here today. Normally that is no big deal, but I think Gen is actually starting to act like a horse in his 20s. Not helped by the fact his coat can’t fluff up when there is about a quarter inch of wet mud covering it.

So I scrapped the mud off, dried my pony and put his sheet and cooler on to get him warmed up before I put him back out (with his waterproof sheet on). As you can see from the picture below Gen was not happy about this…he would much rather be nakie. At 23 though he may need to get over his hate of blankies…

Do your older horses have issues keeping warm? Or is this just a Gen thing with nothing to do with age??


2 thoughts on “Gen is starting to show his age…

  1. My 26-year-old mare is noticeably faster to get cold than all the others. She’s also arthritic, but when I bring out the blanket she tears around her paddock snorting and bucking like a baby horse.

  2. I’m with Gen on this one. We rarely need to blanket our horses because we live in Arizona. But, we do sometimes get a week or two of night time temps in the 30’s. Then we will blanket them. But when we remove their blankets, we always groom them to fluff their hair back up. we used to own a horse that hated being blanketed so much, that he would shred them. We gave up after he ruined several expensive blankets. sigh. sometimes you just can’t make them co-operate no matter how much you try.
    I hope Gen figures out that its more fun to be nice and toasty!

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