If loving horses is wrong, I don’t want to be right

Logically, loving horses is stupid. So why do it? Because we are horse people and we cannot have it any other way. While I am doubting that I will ever have another horse after Gen, that will be because I will not allow myself to think with my heart. My heart already has a cute half Appaloosa half Friesian picked out. I am not a romantic, but everyone knows that love has a lot to do with how you feel and not about what is logical. And I love horses.


Nothing in this world can make me feel more at peace than walking in to a barn early in the morning in the winter, when it is still dark out, and seeing the horse’s breath against the blackness of the new day as they nicker good morning. That is my own version of heaven and will make my heart soar with pure joy every time.


There is no feeling in this world like galloping bareback on a horse through the fields. Nothing. I don’t care that I do not have wings, in that moment I am flying.


Relaxation is going on a trail ride through the woods with a horse who is happy to be there. The trust that comes with holding the buckle and knowing that your horse is happy to be out and about is not like anything else in the world. To be sitting on the back of a horse with the sun in your face is something that is so peaceful you cannot help but be content straight down to your core.


I don’t feel like I am really myself unless I around horses.


Even my worst horsey day makes me feel more whole than a great day with no time at the barn.

Sure Gen is expensive, and he isn’t even a “real horse”, but rather my very expensive lawn ornament…for someone else’s lawn. That doesn’t make him anything less than the picture of perfection to me. One commenter, likely new to my blog, asked if maybe I would be happier if I gave him to a nice family to love. There is nothing that could be further from what would actually make me happy. I look forward to seeing Gen every day, even when it is -5 outside.


I know Gen and I have a special bond. Gen is my horse of a life time, my soul pony. I only feel whole when I am near him because he really is a part of me.


I love my horse. Like really love my horse.


Horses are amazing. They have no reason to trust us, we so often do nothing but cause horses harm, and yet they come to us hearts open over and over again. They are pure of heart, kind and loving creatures who cannot help but find their way in to your hearts.


Even if I never ride again or own another horse, I will always be a horse a person. I will always look at a horse grazing in the field when I am driving by and smile. I will always smile when I see my black work pants covered in gray horse hair. I will always want to watch some cheesy hallmark movie about a girl and her horse. I know that loving horses is crazy to the outside world, but I think the outside world is crazy for not loving horses. 


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