How cold is it by me??

Lucky for me Gen loves the cold so while other horse owners may have been fretting today, I looked at the minus 5 degrees this morning and knew Gen would be a happy boy. The barn itself however is not coping so well with the cold…

The barn was made many, many years ago with lots of the construction being…interesting. For the first time EVER the ground is so frozen that the concrete has come up in Gen’s door to the point where we can’t close it!

Luckily Gen is a very good boy and can live with a stall guard if needed. I think it is all those years of the track. I just had to laugh when I tried to close it and I had a nose to go 😛 it should be up in the 30s tomorrow so this is a very temporary problem. Just had to share my handsome boy behind bars 😉

Thought you might like a pretty sunset as well


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