Potatoes on Toothpicks

Part 1 of why horses suck:

There is an old saying that “God must have been joking when he designed horses”. Horses are just not designed well, they have tons of bulk and weight supported by tiny little legs. I mean, a horses legs are thinner than a humans…but they have a lot more weight riding on them. Even counting the fact that they have 4 legs versus our 2 that is still a lot to support on something so thin. Horses are basically designed to have leg issues…and that isn’t even taking in to account that those skinny, spindly legs are resting on top of a soft, growing, and ever delicate hooves.

This might not spell disaster if horses were docile, calm creatures, but the brain of a horse is wired to panic at a moment’s notice. Their brains are not designed to calm and rational decisions. Horses are designed to run at full speed and jump over/through anything that stands in there way when they feel that their lives are in danger. Running and jumping on those delicate legs of theirs. We have all heard horror stories of a horse getting a catastrophic injury after spooking and getting loose. I mean, what kind of a creature is so afraid for their life they end up causing an injury that will take their life???

Then there is their stupid digestive system. What kind of animal can’t throw up??? And if they are not going to throw up, why on earth are they not heartier?? Horses have a very delicate digestive system…and it only works one way. It is dumb of us humans to fall in love with a creature that can kill itself by eating a rock. Where temperature changes can cause a belly ache which can lead to death. I feel like every injury in a horse can lead to death. Get a tummy ache? Potentially deadly. Fracture a bone? Potentially deadly. Cut their leg? Potentially deadly. Eat too much food? Potentially deadly. Everything can kill horse. I am starting to wonder if we look too hard at a horse that it can be potentially deadly as well.

Can I just take a moment to talk about Laminitis? What kind of a creature cannot survive when one leg is hurt??? I mean, a horse can have an injury that is not life threating, but if they cannot put weight on that leg it can become life threatening. So you want to put a horse with a leg injury in a sling to prevent this from happening?? Enough pressure on their internal organs from being in a sling can kill them also. So they can’t live with 3 legs, they can’t live in a sling, and if we try and keep them alive when they cannot put weight on a leg for an extended period of time they will just get a bone pushing out from the bottom of their foot.

Let us also take a moment to talk about the face of a horse and the fact that if they do not get routine dental care they can starve to death. The number one reason horses die in the wild is issues with their teeth, either not being able to get enough nutrients in or from a tooth infection. This giant creature can have life ending consequences from a tooth ache! Oh, and the eyes of a horse…let’s talk about those for a second. The number of horses I know who have sight issues is staggering, many of which had issues that occurred because they bumped their eye! One bump of the eye without rapid treatment is enough to impact a horse’s vision forever. Knowing that horses are curious and not the brightest stars in the sky and they spook easily in some cases that impacted vision (your guessed it) is enough to lead to a fatal injury. We just cannot win as people who love horses.

I mean, look at Gen. I love my horse. Love him, but he has so many physical ailments. Gen has his leg issues (you know, from when his body started attacking his own tendon because it was injured instead of healing it) which of course could potentially kill him. He has melanoma, these tumors which are growing all over and if they grow in the wrong spot or get to big, it could potentially kill him. He has lots of scar tissue in his epiglottis making it hard for him to swallow and have things go down the correct pipe, which could also potentially kills him. And that is just my horse…and only the things I know about. Horses are so delicate and so fragile. I have no idea how they have survived 55 million years. And what genius took a look at what is essentially a potato on toothpicks and decided to ride it? That person was an idiot.

Look for part 2 of why horses suck…because my wallet says so.


2 thoughts on “Potatoes on Toothpicks

  1. I don’t think horses suck. I think humans do. The ones who have overbred an animal past the point of being able to function. The ones who think bigger is always better and so they have taken the wild horse which is rather small and created a gigantic 17H behemouth and expect it to do athletic events it was never made to do in the first place. We have also taken an animal meant to roam over massive amounts of land constantly foraging for food to keep those guts moving and wear down those teeth and instead put them in a 12×12 box for most of the day or in a small pasture and force them into twice daily meals. No, horses don’t suck, We do.

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