Did I just say that???

So this past weekend I uttered a phrase that I never, ever thought I would say. The words, “I just don’t want another horse after Gen” actually came out of my mouth. I still can’t believe I said that…and the worst part is…I actually meant it as I said it. Gen is doing great these days. He is my Polar Bear and he is a very, very happy camper this time of year. In fact, there was one day I went to the barn to groom him and he was practically smiling just from being outside in the cold. I ended up not grooming him that day because I didn’t want to burst his joy bubble! It makes my heart soar when Gen is happy. Even with Gen being so great I am starting to think that horses are just trouble. Over the next few days I am going to ask you to pardon the negativity while I explore my new found Debbie Downer side. Getting it out is making me write, so that is at least one positive thing to come out of my several day rant…right?


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