All well…

So we tried Gen out in the new fields today. It didn’t go very well. He was not aggressive with the horses in the next pasture, but he also was not acting like the 22-year-old retired Horse with a leg injury. He ran around the field like a maniac. He wouldn’t let anyone catch him, and he was not even coming in for the potential of dinner. Thankfully, he is old and fat so he could only run for about 20 minutes before he could no longer breathe.

After I caught him it took a good hour to walk him with a cooler on before he started to get back down to normal temperature. Poor guy is now exhausted. It is his own fault though. he could have lived a nice cushy life in that field. All well. At least we tried.


2 thoughts on “All well…

  1. I’d give him more time before counting it out. He was excited for the change if scenery and room, but may settle in given more time. Give it another go under supervision. I bet he settles in quickly.

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