Gen’s New Turnout???

Gen moved in to his current farm of residence 6 years ago. Gen was just a year away from when his injury happened when he moved in. He was still very much recovering at the time of arrival. I knew he would be going out alone and that field was just the right size without getting too spacious and nice and close to the barn. That field is where Gen has spent most of his outside time for the past 6 years, barring a few short stops in the medical field of course. Gen is my boo boo head after all!

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for my Gen. We have a bunch of changes going on at the farm and one of them is changing where the horses go out. We are going to try and move Gen’s turnout space across driveway. He would get some new turnout neighbors and some new grass. We are basically going to try and flip flop him with the owners mare. If things work Gen would get a larger place to go out (a little scary for me still) and potentially a field with a run-in shed.

Fingers crossed that Gen is a good boy about the switch. I actually think he will be. The barn owner is worried that his potential new fence mates may not be thrilled with the change. I am more worried he will stress his leg by running and carrying on in a bigger turnout area. I do not appreciate it when Gen goes to stretch his legs these days…but he is a Thoroughbred so I know running will happen. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow and it will be a nice and easy transition to a new place for winter turnout.

Wish us luck!


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