Gen’s Most Adorable Quirk…


Gen has quirks…lots of them! From not liking being brushed on the right side first to making his classic yucky face when you give him something he doesn’t like, he is filled with personality from the tips of his ears to the bottom of his toes. Some quirks I find adorable (such as the fact he comes running when you call his name) and some quirks are…well, they add to his character but drive me batty (such as the fact that he can’t stand still getting a bath). All of his many, many quirks are what make him Gen though so how can I complain?

His best quirk is that when he sees a treat, he poses. Seriously! His ears go forward, he often arches his neck, and he looks directly at the person holding the goods. He will pose and pose for a good minute without getting a treat if he thinkings something will be coming his way. After that time he turns in to a normal, greedy pony and starts to paw, but I love this first reaction is to strike a pose! He works so hard to look adorable it just makes me laugh…and often give him a treat!

I have no idea if he learned that looking cute got you rewards or if someone along the way taught him, but I love it! I have a feeling that he is a smart enough pony that he figured it out on his own. Oh how I love this pony of mine! My handsome ham!



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