10 Great “Non-Horsey” Barn Items

So I have found over the years of being a horse owner that horses are expensive. Okay, I knew that already, but until you own one it is hard to tell just how expensive they really are! While I love to go on a tack store shopping spree, I have found that having some “human” products around the barn for a horse can be a life saver!

  1. Life Proof Cell Phone Case – My old cell phone went for a swim in the ocean this summer…without one of these cases on it! Buying a new phone is a huge expense! A good cell phone case can save you hundreds and is a must for any barn person. You need to be able to call the vet…or the ambulance…after an accident at the barn so your phone is a must and keeping it working in any situation is a must!
  2. Isopropyl Alcohol – I love a good horse medicinal cream or spray, who doesn’t? They can be very expensive though, especially for the owner of a horse who likes to cut himself when he isn’t getting enough attention! Having a $1 bottle of alcohol in the tack room to put on a booboo has been a life saver! I just pour it into a mini spray bottle and it is a quick, easy way to dry out a cut and make sure you get the bacteria out.
  3. Lube – Yeah, you read that right. I have a bottle of good old KY in my tack trunk. It is great for cleaning Gen’s gentlemen’s bits…well…bit since he is missing a few things. I used to pay all sorts of money for the expensive sheath cleaners but I have found that this works just as well and lasts longer too.
  4. Digital Thermometer – I still have an old fashioned thermometer with a string attached to it in my trunk, but I haven’t used it in years. While a horse’s normal temperature is indeed about a 100 (Gen is 100.3 usually), human thermometers often go up to 105 degrees, which would a clear fever in a horse. It is annoying to have to stand back there and hold it (I heard horror stories of a horse who sucked a thermometer in and it punctured their intestine) but usually it beeps in under 90 seconds and I can get a clear reading instead of trying to decipher what number the mercury went up to.
  5. Knee Socks – Target has a whole wall of knee socks for $3 or less. The socks you can get at a tack store usually start at $8 and only get more expensive. Sure, a $20 pair of riding rocks will usually feel amazing and take into account how a boot fits, but who can spend $20 on a pair of socks???
  6. Duct Tape – I mean, that stuff really is magical. From a temporary blanket repair to holding a fence board together I use duct tape all the time. I think it should be a staple for your tack trunk, especially now that it comes in all sorts of cute colors!
  7. Cheap Human Hair Conditioner – When I was leasing Phoenix I laughed at them for using the $1 store white rain conditioner on their fancy show horses tails, but now I am a convert! I like the way even a cheap human conditioner works as compared to a fancy horse conditioner. And considering Gen’s color I give a lot of baths so I am happy it doesn’t break the bank!
  8. Bracelet Loom Bands – So a few years ago these bracelet look things became very popular. One side effect of that was that there are now little rubber bands for sale everywhere! They are larger than a typical braiding rubber band, and I find them a little more difficult to work with, but for $1 they do something typical braiding bands cannot. They can add a little color and fun to your life! From silver sparkle to fiery red they can add a little fun to your lesson or clinic apparel for a very small price.
  9. Unscented and Dye Free Detergent – Gen is a sensitive guy. He does have skin allergies in the summer and I swear if you look at him the wrong way he just breaks out in hives. I found a human detergent a few years ago that was good for people with allergies and I gave it a try. Gen has not had an allergy issue with clean clothes or towels since and I have now even switched myself over to this detergent.
  10. Hair Brush – I have now used a human hair brush on Gen’s mane and tail for years and I love it! I know you can buy specialty tail brushes for $40 or $50 a pop, but I honestly don’t think any of them work as well as my $5 goodie brush that I have for Gen. It works through the knots without ripping at the hair and bonus…it comes in fun colors!

2 thoughts on “10 Great “Non-Horsey” Barn Items

  1. I’ve also use human hairbrushes for the horses for years now. Mane combs just ruin the mane, but good luck trying to get the wads out of a Nooitgedachter or Friesian mane with a bodybrush. The hairbrush is a happy medium!

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