Happy November 1st! NoBloPoMo!

So I have been a terrible, terrible blogger as of late. For the first 3 years of my blog about Gen I updated every single day. Like everyday! As time has gone on I have started to blog way less. I think that there are several reasons for it. Last year I tried to do NoBloPoMo…and failed. My only excuse was that at this time last year I had a brand new job I was getting used to! I had hoped that I had blogged enough to make a habit of it…but clearly not. I don’t even think I have a dozen posts in 2014, which is a shame because if nothing else you all should at least get a picture of my handsome pony every month!


Now on my my excuses! The first reason I claim that I don’t blog anymore is because I just don’t have a whole ton of horse stuff going on. Part me me knows that is not 100% truthful though. I mean, did you see my beautiful post about the extreme mustang makeover? Or Dressage at Devon 2014? My riding lessons that I took? No? That’s because I didn’t write them. The truth is, even though things are slow in the horse realm for me, I have more than enough for at least a weekly post.


So I have enough to write about…why not use the standby excuse that I don’t have enough time? I mean, I am really busy these days. The thing is, I am busy now, I was busy last year and I am sure I will be busy next year. I like to go, go, go so this is nothing new for me. Posting a picture or a few sentences doesn’t take that much time at all. In fact, things are easier compared to when I first started blogging. These days I can do it all from my phone if it is a quick update. I never have had enough time to blog, but I did it anyway so I have no excuse.


My third and final excuse is actually one of the real reasons I think I don’t post much anymore. And it is a dumb reason! My stupid computer is down in my finished basement. My finished basement that I love, that when I go to it, I always get side tracked playing video games or watching TV. I honestly think that if I had a laptop, I would blog more. I keep thinking I should get a keyboard for my Kindle or something. I just think if I had somewhere less fun to blog, I would be better about doing it.


I am going to try and gain the mental focus this month. I want to blog every single day. My goal after that is to do at least one post a week for the month of December. I love my pony, and I love talking about my pony. I need to get back into the practice of blogging about him!


2 thoughts on “Happy November 1st! NoBloPoMo!

  1. Glad to see Gen’s costume and glad to hear you’re doing well (just “doing a lot more than blogging” ;o) I miss reading about your adventures, but I do understand the “time” thing. I want to get started on my creative writing again because it looks like the job I’ve had, part-time for several years, is coming to a close and I would like extra money coming in. Lots of “self-publishing” possibilities that don’t involve HUGE layouts of money that result in boxes of books in the garage because vanity presses do not help with marketing. I just need incentive–like you. Easier to play games or surf the ‘net. Hope you get a laptop and that is what you need to write “wherever.” I have a new one, too, but so far the hookup and Learning Curve are taking longer than I like. Got a new printer, too, and that’s another ball of wax. Just remember you have fans out here, waiting to hear more about your adventures ;o)

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