The Hunt

So I got a Surprise this morning on my drive home from Gen’s. As I rounded the corner on a back country road I saw a chestnut enter the road with a lady in a green jacket riding. I quickly hit the breaks give the rider room and to enjoy the show that I knew would be coming.

Sure enough, just a moment later a handful of horses stopped by the side of the road to check it was safe to enter the road way, and then a handful more. I may have missed the hounds and the first group of riders, but I saw a good bit of the hung.

My camera on my phone kept crashing, but I can assure you it was an amazing site to see over 30 horses and riders in polished and formal garb trot on the road on a crisp autumn morning.

It is just another amazing reason I live in the best horsey area in the world.



One thought on “The Hunt

  1. Something I haven’t participated in yet, but that I love to watch. We’re in such a good area for it, too. Wish I’d have my camera with me when I see them once in a while.

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