NoBloPoMo Fail…

So I made it so close, so very close to posting every day in November. I had a family emergency the day after Thanksgiving and then well, I just lost my blogging mojo! So much for NoBloPoMo getting me back in to the routine 😛

Not only have I missed my traditional “favorite things” gift idea post, buy I even neglected to point out the anniversary of this blog. Not sure if it is 5 or 6 years old, but I do know that I started it in the first week of December many years ago.

I am in a bit of a funk these days. I miss riding.

Going to see my, now Toupee colored, Gen still brings a smile to my face, but I am missing seeing the world astride a horse. I also have noticed that my general anxiety level is higher when I don’t ride. I know it sounds dramatic, but things just seem harder/less fun without riding in my life. Thank goodness I have Gen or I would be a real mess.

He has been extra happy getting so much extra attention from me and is loving the fact that it is cold and snowy. My little polar bear 😛 At least one of us is enjoying themselves…right?


*edit add on…as I hit publish I got a note from wordpress saying happy 6 year anniversary!! I have been blogging here about my horsey activities for 6 years!!! Crazy!*


3 thoughts on “NoBloPoMo Fail…

  1. Congrats! 🙂
    I’ve found the same thing when I don’t ride… I have less motivation, less direction, and less productivity in the rest of my life. Riding keeps us grounded!

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