Not so snug and muffin tops…

I got a text at 7 this morning. Normally by 7am on a Sunday I would be sorting laundry, cleaning bathrooms and just other domesticness. Today? I was sleeping! I woke up to a text that was an hour old saying that my pony was cold! Poor Gen!

I try and keep Gen naked, but the Barn Owner likes to blanket him when it gets really cold. With it being 60 degrees and sunny just two days ago I hadn’t thought to bring Gen’s clean blankets down from my trailer. Now I was sleeping in and my poor pony was freezing for an hour!

When I finally got back to the Barn Owner she assured me that the problem had been resolved and just to bring the blankets down today. Even though it was in the 20s with massive wind, I had just assumed that Gen was warming up outside in the sun.

When I got to the barn I was in for a laugh. The problem had been resolved by Gen borrowing the Barn Owners Mares sheet…which was a little too small on him.

Had Gen managed to stand still at all (he loves chasing the wind) I would have gotten you the most adorable picture ever…Gen with the equine equivalent of a muffin too! Alas all I got was a blur if blue with a white streak coming out.

Even with his belly hanging out my horse looks adorable! I don’t know how he does it!

Thankfully the sheet had done the trick and he wasn’t cold or shivering anymore. I was able to switch it out for his real sheet…which covers all of him with no harm done.


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