Thank you for all your kind comments. I think you all might be on to something. I am not really quiting, just waiting. If another opportunity never comes along so be it. Maybe I just need to phrase it for myself that all I am going to say for now is that I am just not looking.


2 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Don’t be too closed minded during this “wait” period. I have my current horse after putting down the last one due to degenerative joint disease because his owner insisted. A lot of people offered to let me ride theirs and free leases and I just wasn’t interested. I told my husband on the way to see him I didn’t want him. I still felt that way when I saw him and then I got on him. I free leased him for 3 months but purchased him at the end of the first month. He is truly the best (of the 7) I have had in my adult life. He is such a character and has so much try. I do everything with him from parades and trail to dressage. Bo was just what I needed and I sure wasn’t looking! I am a true believer that the right thing just presents itself. Sometimes you don’t think so at the time.
    I still don’t regret the other 6. They were each wonderful and taught me something even if it was just the patience of hosing a leg. Lucky has improved you and your riding for your next adventure.

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