Action shot??


Yeah, that was supposed to be a picture of Gen in his new halter in front of some beautiful yellow, orange and red fall foliage. Gen had other ideas though. I must admit that I am kind of proud of myself for hanging on to him one handed! During one if the rears he pulled back and yanked me forward, knocking me off my balance enough where my brain said to just let go. It is me and Gen though so of course I ignored my better sense and luckily only fell with one knee down, still upright and quickly recovered back to my feet.

As soon as that happened I dropped the phone and grabbed on with both hands. Gen took one look at me, still standing with two hands on the rope, shook his head back and forth and resumed his standard gentlemanly behavior. He knows better than to start a real fight he can’t win.

This is why my horse had a cotton lead rope…because even at 21 he is still full of himself when the weather changes! I gave up on the halter shot and instead did a little work to remind him I am in charge. Of course he was perfect during our mini session. I love this horse…he always keeps me on toes, yet knows when to knock it off!!


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