Nablopomo? And if I had a million dollars

So Since I have been so good about blogging lately, I thought that I would reinforce this good behavior by joining in national blog posting month. The last time I did it was 2009, back when I blogged daily anyway. I thought if I blogged every day for month it would get me in to the habit of being a better blogger. Good plan right? Except that I am not sure anymore if NaBloPoMo even exists anymore. I tried to look it up online and it brought me to a website filled with other blog posts. I feel like back in the day there was a place to sign up, to get the little badge thing and basically to tell other people so you could kind of make yourself accountable and follow through with me. I can’t find anything like that anymore.

I did find a place for daily writing prompts though. Today’s question is fun, so I thought I would answer it and ask you all to join me. If you feel like it, answer the question for yourself either in the comments or on your own blog post.

If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

First of all, I am a total looser and if I found 1 million dollars the first thing I would do would be to call the cops. It looks like you get to keep the money in this prompt though so I will play along. I am also going to assume that this money is tax exempt since it is a fantasy world and all.

The first thing I would do is pay off my mortgage. That would take a lot of stress off me and it would give me a lot more money per month to put towards horses in the future. I would never again have to stress about paying vet bills when Gen hurts himself and he could get new halters every month if he wanted them with so much money to spare.

The second thing I would do would be to buy a new truck and trailer. Even if I quit riding I could always give them to a friend in need (I think Dom is the person most in need of wheels who doesn’t have them…so even if I quit it would be put to good use). My dream is an F250 with 4 wheel drive and a towing package with a light weight, two horse trailer complete with dressing room.

The third thing I would do is all the practical stuff. I would put $10,000 credit on vet account and I would make my trimmer take $10,000 to guarantee that he will keep doing Gen as long as Gen lives. I would also ask the accupunture/chiro and Gen’s massage therapist to take a credit of $5,000 a piece so they could come and work on him once a month and make sure he is feeling as good as possible. I would buy enough farriers formula for the next two years to keep Gen’s toes healthy and strong. I would replenish all my horsey medicines like bute, SMZs and all the rest that I keep at the barn. I would pay board for Gen for the next 3 months and give Lucky’s Owner $15,000 to pay for Lucky’s supplement, hay and grain for the rest of her life.

The fourth thing I would do is make sure that all my friends got to enjoy my windfall as well. I would buy a group of 40 tickets to the horse events at the Olympics, a block of rooms in a hotel and a chunk of seats on a flight so we could all enjoy in the trip of a life time together. Sure, we would still have to pay for food and stuff, but to go to Brazil and see the best of the best it would so be worth it!

I feel like that would probably be most of a million dollars…it doesn’t seem to go very far does it. If I had enough money left over I would buy my parents hybrid from them (it is wasted on them and I want a hybrid so bad!). If I still had any cash left I would “nerd out” as they say and make gift baskets for all my friends of matching stuff. I would get everyone matching halters with name plates, lead ropes, saddle pads for their style of riding, 6 blankets (a light, medium and heavy for both inside and out…regardless if they blanket their horses or not), polo shirts, rugby shirts, sweat shirts, light jackets and winter jackets, polo wraps, horse boots, the works!! I might even come up with a logo or foundation or something to put on all that stuff just because.

So that is what I would do with my million in 12 hours…what about you?


6 thoughts on “Nablopomo? And if I had a million dollars

  1. I’d start with a financial advisor, like L. Williams above, do the “offshore thing” that liberals do all the time but hate conservatives when they do the same thing, and then have a BLAST taking my interest and helping others (after helping myself, of course ;o) New car, bills paid and then helping the homeless, the hungry, the last and the least. BIG effort for OTTB rescue–nothing to reinvent the wheel or anything, but helping those with viable programs be more successful (or expand ;o) What a wonderful dream, huh?

  2. Haha I would definitely call the police too. If I still have the money after that I would look into investing like L would, and maybe look into some nice real estate! After, of course, buying a new car for myself, getting rid of that mortgage, and paying O’s board for as long as they’d let me!

  3. I don’t know what I’d do if that ever happened and I’m sure it won’t. Just in case though I’d try to buy more property surrounding the farm and build another barn for rescue horses. We don’t have any more stalls now so I can’t rescue as many as I’d like to. That’s about it.

  4. There is actually a place to sign up and you can get the badges and stuff. I know you found the place to sign up because I saw this blog on the Blogroll lol.

    I’m new to but so far I’m enjoying it. Keeps me blogging!

    Oh and btw your critter is beautiful. Very handsome and alert face.

    A truck and trailer are always useful. Even if you have no horses, you always know someone who’s moving!!

  5. I’d pay off all of our debt, buy a meager vacation home with cash, invest the rest and tell my husband that he could do whatever career he wanted now 🙂

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