Maybe I spoke to soon…

</I think there are two reasons why Lucky being hurt is bumming me out so much and causing me to think about giving up riding. The first is something I will share in another post. The second is that I don’t want to start over. I am tired of starting over. I just don’t know if I have it in me to start over with another horse.

The good news is that maybe I don’t have to. Lucky seems to be getting better. Right after the vet said it was okay to ride I got on and her lameness was back up to a 3+ or 4. I am very relieved to say that the extra week off seems to have helped (or maybe it is the joint supplement?). When I got on Lucky on Monday I felt like her lameness was down to a 1+. I would categorize her as serviceably sound right now, which is a heck of a lot better than how I would have say she felt two weeks ago.

So my dramatic fit and feelings of misery may have been for nothing (which would make me very happy). I might still have a horse after all. My goals for 2014 are very reasonable. If she gets better I will be able to do everything I want. Which is…do a few hunter paces (even if I have to only walk and trot) and show at training level in dressage. I am not asking for collection, trying to gallop through the fields, or jump 3 foot. I just need Lucky to be able to stay sound during a light to average work load.

The question is, is she really getting better and can I count on her to be sound long term? The answers to those questions are unknown. I am going to keep trying though because honestly, at this moment if it is not Lucky, I don’t want to ride. Immature statement? Yes, but that is how I feel. I just want to enjoy a horse that I have put a lot of hard work in to.

Monday may have been a fluke. And even if it wasn’t the vet had very valid concerns about her long-term soundness in her right hind (her left is the one that is currently injured). So right now I am not making any plans for the future. I am going to take November and just try to see if she can stay sound with 10 minute of walk, building to 30 minutes of walk/trot. That has to be enough for me right now.