Riding and having horses just seems so easy for so many people. They take ten years off riding and find a perfect horse to lease, already trained and affordable. They buy a foal online, sight unseen, no vet check, and have it be a dream to train and grow up healthy. They go through the levels on thier horse, getting better together with time. I am not doubting that they work hard, and these are good people who deserve good things to happen to them.

Sometimes I just wonder what I did wrong.

All I wanted my whole life was a horse. I got the worlds most perfect pony for me…and he breaks himself after 2 short years of bliss.

Do I need to even bother saying that Lucky still.doesn’t feel right at all…


3 thoughts on “Easy…

  1. So sorry! Things with horses only seem to go perfectly in the movies. It seems to go so well for some people but with animals it is always hard to know what tomorrow will bring.

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from. Sometime it’s seems like this whole horse world is out to get you! I bought mine last winter, only for her to have been lame 8+months of our first year together with a mysterious and so far unfixable injury. I just try to think that you have to keep moving, keep hoping, and keep riding. The rest will (hopefully) fall into place.

  3. This makes me sad and makes me want to hug you despite my aversion to hugging. Your next perfect horse is out there, which I know to be true because if anyone deserves to get exactly what they want out of life it is my dearest friend OTB.

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