I love these whiskers


The longer that Gen is retired, the more I let go of the details of his appearance. From letting his mane go long to giving up the bi-weekly tail washings Gen has a certain wild man appeal going these days.

I was just about to clip his whiskers off to try and maintain some look if civility when I stopped myself. I love Gen’s long whiskers. They make him look like an old man, which I find charming. I am sure at some point I will look at him and decide he is a shaggy mess, but for now I think he looks plenty dashing going all natural.

2 thoughts on “I love these whiskers

  1. Granted that my horse was at one point wild, it’s been a topic of much debate whether or not to “clean him up” too. The low-maintenance, lazy bum in me is winning out thus far…

    Let him be a happy, grungy, old man for once 🙂 He’ll enjoy it.

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