What?!?? Gen really was sick??

So I am on vacation right now, I did indeed go away. The barn owners son (who is farm watching) is sick of hearing from me, but I think I have been very good about being away! It was a close call for going away, even the morning of my dear pony didn’t finish his grain. He was acting more like himself and acting like he was hungry, just not eating, so we were all wondering if this was just an attention getter (I.e. if I don’t eat my Mommy spends all day with me).

The vet came out the day I left to draw blood as a precaution, just to put my mind at ease, and I knew rationally that Gen was going to be okay or I wouldn’t have left. I also have the worlds most amazing friends and 4, that’s right, 4 of them volunteered to come be and visit Gen while I was away. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I felt okay enough to head to the airport.

Since I have been gone Gen has been eating his meals and hamming it up for photos with my friends as the visit. In fact, I thought he was all better.

Well I have been out of the country, and our of the loop for the past two days and turning on my phone again I feel terrible…Gen really was sick. 😦 Don’t know with what, but his white blood count was down enough that he wants to continue on with the SMZs for an additional week. 12 days total.

I feel like such a bad horse owner…here I am off galavanting when my baby is sick. I will be home in a few days though. And Gen will be getting a lot of guilt pears over this one. Gen might be a total boo boo head, but this is the first time he has ever gotten sick on me…I think this was his subtle way of telling me he does indeed need a nanny when I go away. This is proof positive that my horse really does need more attention than most. When he doesn’t get it bad things happen!!


3 thoughts on “What?!?? Gen really was sick??

  1. Don’t feel guilty for going on vacation. He’ll get better whether you are there or not…because you’ve got GREAT friends who are willing to babysit and fuss over your boy. You are blessed! Hope Gen is feeling his peppy old self again soon!

  2. You’ve gotta take care of yourself, too! At least you had people looking after him, so that’s a huge blessing. Enjoy your vacation, and Gen will be happy to see you when you get back.

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