I don’t want to go on vacation anymore…


While Gen did finish his lunch today and a flake of hay, my poor baby still doesn’t feel well.

He didn’t finish his dinner on his own tonight, even though it was only half the size it normally is. He did finish it when I hand fed it to him, but I on concerned that my marshmallow has lost interest in his grain.

The vet is coming out tomorrow to draw blood for a full work up. My plane leaves tomorrow. I want to stay home with my pony 😦

Even more on my mind right now is the fear that he is sick, and that some how I have gotten Lucky sick. She was totally fine today and even got a full work up before her dental (the dentist used to be a normal vet), but I can’t help but be concerned.

Everyone who says I am crazy for seeing Gen everyday I would just like to point out that he got sick right after I was away for a week. He really does need his Mommy.

I am trying to stay calm because he is eating grass no problem, and his vitals, tummy and all that is fine. In fact, that is the only reason I am still going away. Hopefully he will feel better soon. Poor Gennyral 😦


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