That is the number of miles I put on my car yesterday visiting Gen.

The barn is 12 miles away from my home and I did 4 trips.

He was doing better in the morning, but by breakfast time he wasn’t feeling well again and decided to skip his breakfast. Of course that was enough to set me in to panic mode hence the other 3 trips to the barn, which is still better than Sunday when I was just at the barn all day straight through.

I called the vet again yesterday and Gen got started on SMZs and another dose of Banamine in case it is an infection. He ate all his lunch and dinner again, but was still only picking at his breakfast this morning. I have a feeling that has more to do with the fact he got his SMZs before he was done, and less to do with his actual appetite because he was all over the grass in the morning.

I think I am only going to end up doing 2 trips (and 3 visits) to Gen today. Lucky got her teeth done today so I saw Gen before and after that and I will be back to give him dinner. He ate his lunch today and that picture is him eating his first flake of hay in 2 days.

I am supposed to go on vacation this week. I am having a hard time with that (understandably) but am pushing myself to go. I just wish Gen was back to 100% already!


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