Told you…


So everyone thinks I am a crazy person for hiring Gen a “nanny” when I go away, but I swear something bad always happens when Gen doesn’t get enough attention.

I was away all last week and worried about my pony. Money is a little tight night now so I decided that Gen has been so good I could skip the nanny this go around. Well, I am regretting that at the moment.

Thankfully I am home now, but on the way to the barn today I got a call…

Gen had a weird green discharge coming out of his nose. My first though was choke so I asked them to pull out all his hay and I would be there in 5.

When I arrived I found a miserable looking pony with slightly elevated vitals. He wasn’t throwing himself around the stall, but he just wasn’t himself.

I decide to call my vet, who luckily happened to be in the area on another emergency call. He said it sounded like choke, but I asked if he wouldn’t come out anyway since he was in the area. I would much rather pay for an emergency vet call than miss something important.

He came out and checked Gen over. Gen’s vitals had gone back to normal, but my vet knows Gen and had to point out that he was not acting like himself.

After a thorough exam and some banamine Gen started to perk up a bit.

I have been at the barn since 10:30 this morning. I am going to run home for some lunch, well more like dinner at this point, soon.

The thing that concerns me and my vet is that it is not clearly anything. In a clear case of choke the horse will be coughing and some times even thrashing. Gen was doing neither, and it is not like he is a stoic pony here. He is also flung these weird exhale things every few bites when I hand graze him.

We don’t think he is sick because he doesn’t have a fever, but I am supposed to take his temperature every few hours just to be safe.

Even though I did go out to see him yesterday I still feel like my week away had something to do with this.

My poor Gen…


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