Poor Gen


Told you he is melting. This is him at noon today…after coming out of his stall…which is shady, breezy, and has a fan going.

All that dark is sweat.

His face says it all…


7 thoughts on “Poor Gen

  1. Part of me feels guilty for wimping out and not going to the horse show yesterday and part of me feels like it was a smart decision. Yes, I’m looking for validation that I made the right decision to not drag PJ to the show. Hopefully, it will be over tomorrow. Stay cool all!

  2. Melting indeed! It’s the opposite in Australia at the moment, my horses are rugged up!
    An awesome suggestion with the ice blocks, try freezing a watered down electrolyte solution in a big plastic coke bottle, then cutting it out and leaving it in a bucket. It’s cold and good for dehydrating horses, mine love them in summer. They’d probably stay frozen all day here at the moment though!


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