I don’t want to go on vacation anymore…


While Gen did finish his lunch today and a flake of hay, my poor baby still doesn’t feel well.

He didn’t finish his dinner on his own tonight, even though it was only half the size it normally is. He did finish it when I hand fed it to him, but I on concerned that my marshmallow has lost interest in his grain.

The vet is coming out tomorrow to draw blood for a full work up. My plane leaves tomorrow. I want to stay home with my pony 😦

Even more on my mind right now is the fear that he is sick, and that some how I have gotten Lucky sick. She was totally fine today and even got a full work up before her dental (the dentist used to be a normal vet), but I can’t help but be concerned.

Everyone who says I am crazy for seeing Gen everyday I would just like to point out that he got sick right after I was away for a week. He really does need his Mommy.

I am trying to stay calm because he is eating grass no problem, and his vitals, tummy and all that is fine. In fact, that is the only reason I am still going away. Hopefully he will feel better soon. Poor Gennyral 😦



That is the number of miles I put on my car yesterday visiting Gen.

The barn is 12 miles away from my home and I did 4 trips.

He was doing better in the morning, but by breakfast time he wasn’t feeling well again and decided to skip his breakfast. Of course that was enough to set me in to panic mode hence the other 3 trips to the barn, which is still better than Sunday when I was just at the barn all day straight through.

I called the vet again yesterday and Gen got started on SMZs and another dose of Banamine in case it is an infection. He ate all his lunch and dinner again, but was still only picking at his breakfast this morning. I have a feeling that has more to do with the fact he got his SMZs before he was done, and less to do with his actual appetite because he was all over the grass in the morning.

I think I am only going to end up doing 2 trips (and 3 visits) to Gen today. Lucky got her teeth done today so I saw Gen before and after that and I will be back to give him dinner. He ate his lunch today and that picture is him eating his first flake of hay in 2 days.

I am supposed to go on vacation this week. I am having a hard time with that (understandably) but am pushing myself to go. I just wish Gen was back to 100% already!

Attention hog :P


You have no idea how happy I am to say that Gen seems fine today. He is still not 100% (I normally need two hands and full attention to hand graze him, not one hand while I am posting).

He see to be thoroughly enjoy that I am here so early. In fact, Gen is making very sure to only graze in parts of the barn yard where the other horses can watch him. He is very clearly enjoying the extra doting that comes with not feeling well…hopefully his love of food is stronger than his love of attention because I don’t ever want to go through this again!

My view for the day…


Gen seems to be feeling better, but still isn’t at 100%. Going to stay for another hour or two and make sure he eats plenty of grass, especially since we just had a Thunderstorm so it will be nice and wet. He had decided he doesn’t feel like drinking today so at least he will be getting some water in.

Told you…


So everyone thinks I am a crazy person for hiring Gen a “nanny” when I go away, but I swear something bad always happens when Gen doesn’t get enough attention.

I was away all last week and worried about my pony. Money is a little tight night now so I decided that Gen has been so good I could skip the nanny this go around. Well, I am regretting that at the moment.

Thankfully I am home now, but on the way to the barn today I got a call…

Gen had a weird green discharge coming out of his nose. My first though was choke so I asked them to pull out all his hay and I would be there in 5.

When I arrived I found a miserable looking pony with slightly elevated vitals. He wasn’t throwing himself around the stall, but he just wasn’t himself.

I decide to call my vet, who luckily happened to be in the area on another emergency call. He said it sounded like choke, but I asked if he wouldn’t come out anyway since he was in the area. I would much rather pay for an emergency vet call than miss something important.

He came out and checked Gen over. Gen’s vitals had gone back to normal, but my vet knows Gen and had to point out that he was not acting like himself.

After a thorough exam and some banamine Gen started to perk up a bit.

I have been at the barn since 10:30 this morning. I am going to run home for some lunch, well more like dinner at this point, soon.

The thing that concerns me and my vet is that it is not clearly anything. In a clear case of choke the horse will be coughing and some times even thrashing. Gen was doing neither, and it is not like he is a stoic pony here. He is also flung these weird exhale things every few bites when I hand graze him.

We don’t think he is sick because he doesn’t have a fever, but I am supposed to take his temperature every few hours just to be safe.

Even though I did go out to see him yesterday I still feel like my week away had something to do with this.

My poor Gen…

Poor Gen


Told you he is melting. This is him at noon today…after coming out of his stall…which is shady, breezy, and has a fan going.

All that dark is sweat.

His face says it all…

You know it is too hot out when…


Even Lucky has parked her self in front of a fan. She normally is the one who is okay in the heat. Both horses show some mild dehydration now at all times…they just can’t seem to drink enough to make up for the sweat.

Needless to say Gen is melting…and Lucky has had the week off.

Both ponies have been getting daily visits filled with cool showers and ice cold carrots and apples.

They are both still miserable though, and I can’t blame them! It is in the 80s at night so it just never really cools off. Thankfully the heat wave will be over soon!