Is it fall yet?


Thankfully Gen’s trimmers was scheduled to come out today anyway. His feet are obviously looking much better post trim. I know he is going to go out and stamp the crap out of them anyway for the next two months.

Gen is also going to start getting more hay in an effort to stop his dropping weight. I know he is loosing weight because heat and bugs stress him out. He is just miserable once it gets warm out!

As you can tell from my post yesterday….When Gen isn’t happy, I am not happy!

Poor Lucky also cut herself again yesterday! I have no idea how she is doing it.

I think I need to start showing cats instead of horses 😛

2 thoughts on “Is it fall yet?

  1. They look much better! Can he wear fly boots to help with the stomping, or is it just too hot for that?
    Sorry to hear that Lucky has another injury. That stinks.

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