Time for fun!

So tomorrow is the Summer Fun Show. I actually wasn’t planning on going to the fun shows this year. This year the dates just were not in my favor. The first one was scheduled for our first dressage show of the year, the second was this weekend which is no good for me, and the third is in October, which has not been a good weather month for my area for the past several years. After our lack luster performance in dressage shows this year and with my work being so stressful I am clearly not even thinking straight anymore I have decided to go to the fun show tomorrow after all.

I need some fun in my life right now, and the fun shows are just the way to get that. I was worried that the weather might not cooperate (I have gotten stuck in their parking area before so it needs to be DRY for me to feel comfortable) but we have been rain free for 3 days with lots of sun to harden the ground so I am hoping that it will be okay. I will be trading in my day of sleeping in and hanging out poolside to one for waking up at 5am and spending the day at a show. What better way to spend a weekend right?

I am not expecting much tomorrow ribbons wise. While I will do a ton of classes (they have a very, very reasonable day fee) I think there will also be a ton of competition. I have no idea who the judge will be, but in the past that have had QH judges who like the QH type. Lucky is most certainly not a QH, nor does she move like one. The judges seem to prefer a shuffle to a trot, and Lucky just isn’t a shuffler. Add to that the fact that it is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL tomorrow (low 80s, sunny, and breezy) and for most kids in the area it will be the first day of summer vacation so I am expecting a massive amount of people to be at this show.

So my goals are not for ribbons, although I hope out of a full day I will at least get something, but to have a good time and just ENJOY my Lucky at a horse show. I am thinking I might try and do something different and “live blog” the show. If you are around tomorrow check in my blog all throughout the day and I will hopefully be posting pictures as things go along. Why not try something new right? Besides, this way I can feel like I am at the show with a whole lot of friends, which will of course make the day even better.

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