Still here…and still showing…sort of…

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I am officially in a funk with my riding. I still need to finish up my post on the last show with the thunderstorms and I need to write up the fix-a-test clinic. In an effort to try and stay current, I figured I would post on my next up coming adventure. Lucky and I have yet another horse show on Saturday. This is likely to be out last Dressage show for a while. I am hoping the weather will cooperate so we can do a fun show the week after, but we are looking at a very quiet summer…quiet for me at least.

I love to show. I feel like having my own trailer and a horse that is fantastic off the property has caused me to show a lot.

This year is different though. For one thing we are struggling in our training at the moment. Not doing well tends to make showing much less fun. Not that I need to win, in fact, I am just as happy with 6th as I am with 2nd most of the time. It is more that instead of going in to the ring with a “look at me” swagger I am riding more like “I hope people aren’t watching”. That is just not a good way for anyone to be. Going to a horse show takes a lot of time and effort, if it is not fun there is no reason to be pushing myself.

The other reason I am going to back off of showing? I am a home owner now…and it is expensive! My air conditioner broke a few weeks ago (right before a heat wave of course) and the outside unit needs to be replaced. Since my unit also is used in the winter for my heating it is already more expensive than normal, add to that the need for new wiring and 3 failed attempts at repairing it (trying to avoid the cost of replacing it) and I am spending several thousand dollars on that fun project. Even more fun? My roof decided it wanted to spring a leak at almost exactly the same time. Oh the joys of home ownership. My show fund, my emergency fund and my savings account will all be almost drained taking care of my home.

So I almost didn’t enter for the show this weekend. In fact, I waited until the closing date to send my entry in. If you are not doing well, and it is expensive, why bother? My trainer gave me a pep talk though and convinced me that Lucky and I do not look as horrible as I think we do. Plus this is the last weekend dressage show in the area for a long time. Since I am cutting my spending on showing way back, this is actually a pretty economical show to do (not that any show is ever truly economical). Even with gas for the trailer and entries I should be well under $75 for the day. My trainer even offered to come out and warm Lucky and I up since the farm is right down the road from her place. Her exact words were, “I know you can do well, if you need to not show because of money I understand, but I want to do everything in my power to show you that you CAN be successful, even if you don’t believe it yourself yet”.

So we are going. I entered for Intro C and Training 1 again. This is a no pressure show. It counts for nothing, and doesn’t even have real ribbons (they have the stock 1st, 2nd, etc ones with no farm name or anything). I want to believe that Lucky and I can do well. I also don’t want to end our show year in June…and on a bad note. We might still be able to go to the fun show the week after next (which has a day fee and you can do as many classes as you want), but considering it has rained several inches this month already and I have gotten stuck there even when it is not that wet, the fun show is a long shot. All I went to do is feel okay about not showing. I don’t though. I am glad my trainer talked me in to it…I really don’t want to feel like I can’t do well…