The second horse show of the year – Part 1

I had gotten in touch with the show manager that Saturday afternoon after the first show to see if she would let me drop my tests down to Intro C and Training Level test 1. She had gotten back to me in less than 24 hours saying that not only was that totally fine, she was not even going to charge me a fee to change them. I was starting to get a good feeling about the show. Add in two more amazing rides at home on Lucky and things were starting to look up…until the times came out.

They were posted late Thursday night, which is way late for a Saturday show, and they had me down for training 2 and training 3…like the e-mail had never happened at all. I told myself not to freak out. I e-mailed her right away asking to change my tests again. Could Lucky and I do training 2&3, maybe, but they wouldn’t have been done well. I really wasn’t comfortable doing those tests and I really, really needed this to be a good show. When I still hasn’t heard back from the show manager by 7pm on Friday I tired calling. No one picked up, but I left a message. I had spent the week learning Intro C and Training 1, and was trying not to stress about not knowing the Training 2&3 tests that well.

As soon as I had seen the times I sent a panicked text to my trainer freaking out about how Lucky and I weren’t ready for Training 2&3. My trainers farm is literally right down the road from the show so she told me not to panic, she was going to try and move some lessons around so she could come out and help me. The only thing that kept me calm about the tests was that my trainer was going to be able to be there at the show. No matter what tests I rode she would be there and help Lucky and I out. With her help there was no way that this show could be as bad as the last one, which was a very comforting thought.

On the morning of the show I woke up early enough to braid Lucky so between that and a last minute scrub with quick silver of her socklets she looked amazing as we loaded up on to the trailer. She had been screaming on the cross ties while I got her ready so I was starting to get nervous on the drive to the show that her off property confidence was gone. The show is only 15 minutes away, all back roads, so I didn’t have a whole lot of time to try and calm myself down. I have shown at this place before, two owners ago, so I knew parking was going to be tricky. Just how tricky became apparent as I drove in. I had to back in to a spot next the trash dumpster. Lucky for Lucky and I, I have to back in my trailer space at Gen’s so I am used to it. I backed it, turned off the truck and just sat for a moment telling myself to breath.

Lucky was silent in the trailer as I gathered myself so I went back to check on her and make she was okay. I opened the trailer door and Lucky looked back at me with such concern. I felt terrible I really had killed her confidence last weekend. I decided to just stay with her for a few minutes and tell her how good she was before checking in. She needed that extra chill time with me on the trailer. After a few minutes and lots of praise later she was settled down enough to eat her hay.

When I went to check in I found a smiling show secretary ready and waiting for me. She gave me number 119 and asked me to change who the check was made out to. I asked her about the tests. She looked a little guilty and was like “sure we can change your tests, but since it is the day of you are going to have to ride HC for Intro C. We will still give you a ribbon, it just wont count towards year ends”. You know me and my ribbons, so while I was questioning if I had made up the whole e-mailing the show secretary the week before, I happily agreed to ride HC. In fact, I was so concerned about having a good day that I would have happily ridden Intro C HC even without a ribbon just to make sure Lucky and I had a good test.

I took Lucky off the trailer to chill out before I got on and stood watching some of the tests. I hadn’t given Lucky time to chill out and look around at the last show, and I think that was a huge mistake. This time she came off the trailer okay, but concerned, but after watching a few tests and just hanging out she felt like her normal self as I went to finish tacking her up to get on. I wanted to get her to the warm up ASAP since it was an indoor and she has only been in an indoor a few times in her life.

To Be Continued…