The first horse show of 2013 – Part 1

So all week leading up to this show I just wasn’t feeling prepared. I couldn’t remember my tests no matter how hard I tried, couldn’t find my show clothes (in fact, I think I lost my show coat!!! It is not in my house and the 3 people I might have lent it too all had no idea what I was talking about), and was just a mess about the show in general. I got some sort of weird mental block about the stretchy circles, probably because we can’t do them, and would always forget to include them in my tests. Add to that a rotted out trailer tire, a stressful week at work, 4 inches of rain that week to kill the footing, and some not very good news about a family friend and I was about ready to scratch for the show by Thursday. When I didn’t even get to Lucky’s barn until after 6 on Friday and then had a terrible ride, something we haven’t had in weeks, my confidence was shaken. I decided not to braid her and to just go home and try and get some sleep because things would look better in the morning.


Well, I woke up at 4am with a throbbing migraine and to the sounds of pouring rain. I needed to leave my house at 7am if I wanted to have some Gen time (with this EVH1 out break I am not going to the barn after a show, only before) so I took my meds and tried to not puke with the thought in my head that if I wasn’t at least 90% by 6 am I would scratch. Sure enough at about 5:30 the meds had kicked in I felt good enough to get up and at least start to get ready. I nibbled on some crackers and kept them down so I decided to go to the show even though I wasn’t feeling 100%. After a cup of coffee and a roll on the way up to Gen’s I was glad I decided to go. The skies were cloudy, but it wasn’t raining so I was hoping for a good day. When I  hitched up the trailer (with my beautiful new tire that I had changed the night before) in one backing (normally I need to do some adjustments, I don’t often get it almost perfect first time back) I really started to get excited for the day.


Even though there had been severe thunderstorms over night and Lucky had been out she didn’t roll! I thought I was on a winning streak and was even more excited when I saw how wet it was because I knew a lot of people would be scratching so I might have hope for a ribbon after all (I know, I am terrible!). I had started off the morning a little nervous because I knew these tests were going to be a challenge for us, but I reminded myself I needed to calm down. I am Lucky’s trainer and trainers don’t have emotions! Tryingtoride was coming to the show also, so even though I had no cheering section at this show, I knew I had a friendly face waiting for me! I saddled Lucky at the barn and went to load her up. Even though Dom taught her how to self load last year it has been 7 months since we went anywhere so I had left myself 15 minutes to load her just in case. I needn’t have worried though because Lucky was stoked to be going to a show and happily loaded herself on to the trailer first try.


To be continued…