Gen’s favorite day of the year…

Happy Kentucky Derby Day Everyone!

For thousands of people today means mint juleps and gambling. For Gen Kentucky Derby Day means attention…and LOTS of it!

This is the 4th or 5th annual Kentucky Derby Party at Gen’s barn. It has grown from a normal party to a pretty massive event. Tons of people come, some horse people, some not, all dressed up and ready to party.

Of course while at a Kentucky Derby Party at a farm people want to see horses! Why not get a picture with a former race horse to commemorate the occasion?!? All of the other horses on the farm tend to shy away from big crowds except Gen. When 2 people come to visit his stranger danger alert is full power, but when 30 people at a time drop by to see him, well that is when he is in his glory.

Gen lives in a field behind the barn, not next to the driveway. It takes a lot of posing and just general adorableness on his behalf to convince them to come and visit him. He will see them trying to get the attention of one of the other horses and set to work. From bumping the gate with his chest to rattling the chain with his teeth he will make just enough noise not to get in trouble, but to have them look over. Once they see him he goes in full on pose mode, ears forward, neck arched, chest puffed out. He might even prance in place for a moment to show off his majestic gaits.

Sure enough someone will go, “look at that horse, he is so pretty”. I am usually in the back of the crowd at that point and have to laugh at my cunning pony. He will go right up to the gait and stare until people finally start to go through the barn to visit him. He gets lots of pats, praise and pictures taken of himself. If I am there to supervisor he will also get handfuls of baby carrots.

I think in his mind this is how he should be treated everyday. He basks in the attention until people decide to go back to the house for another drink, or head home. He will stand at the top of his field as the cars drive away with a smug look on his face, almost as though he believes all those people came to see him, and not for the party. I let him believe that. He will be 21 in a few short weeks and what is the harm in letting him think he is famous…he after all, a very special pony.