I woke up early today so I could do the entry forms for the first show of the year. I really did put this one off, but I have two stamped envelopes in my hand (well, since I am typing they are just next to me on the desk) with entry forms enclosed.

Two you ask? Well, Our first show of the year is in less than two weeks, and our second one is only the week after that. Might as well get both entries in if I am doing it right? Still worried about the EVH1 stuff, but Luck was vaccinated and I am going to be extra cautious. Both shows are close enough that I can tack her at home and just bridle her and get on at the show so there shouldn’t be much contact time.

Lucky and I are signed up for Training 2 and 3. No more starter horse divisions for us. We are going out with the big boys this year.

Now I need to figure out how to make sure I have plenty of ride time in the next two weeks. I made it work this weekend, but getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night is not going to cut it for the long haul.

Off to ride…and stop by the post office to mail my entries in. Woot!


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